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Artificial intelligence to assist Holmewood House’s pupils

Holmewood House Artifical Intelligence

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Holmewood House has adopted cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to support pupils with their learning and to achieve their full potential.

Since March 2020, we have been using CENTURY, a learning tool based on AI, neuroscience and learning science, to provide each child with an education which is genuinely personalised to them and tailored to meet their learning needs as an individual.

Rather than minimising the role of the school’s teachers, CENTURY will equip them with tools and data to help them to play an even bigger and more effective role in pupils’ learning by supporting them with the information to further inform their lesson planning.

We genuinely believe that the move will help take learning to the next step and further foster a positive culture of learning amongst pupils. The main benefit for children is that the AI can identify learning gaps and immediately prepares the most appropriate piece of learning to address that gap. It differentiates the learning experience for every child, rather than relying on a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. The children enjoy learning using new approaches and attempting each new ‘nugget’ (learning activity) which the software prepares following every piece of work undertaken by each child. We don’t overly rely on technology, because so much of education depends on human interaction, but children enjoy supplementing more traditional with technology.

Throughout the last 6 months, we have harnessed the benefits of digital enhanced learning and aim to retain the very best aspects from this experience. At the same time, we are keen to stress the importance of only retaining and developing the use of technology which genuinely enhances the learning experience for our pupils, rather than what may be considered to be fashionable.

This move is about technology to enhance learning and so we will be measuring the impact on learning. We take a measured academic approach to technology, we will not simply throw technology at problems. To ensure that we effectively utilise technology and all of its clear benefits to enhance learning for our pupils, we have recently appointed a Head of Digitally Enhanced Learning, which will strengthen our commitment to developing this area of our provision.

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