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Hints and tips for baby swimming from Puddle Ducks

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The Summer term for Puddle Ducks is in full swing and they have some really useful hints and tips for baby swimming which I am delighted to share with you. As some of you may know, we went along to these wonderful classes when Ben was just a little bonnie baby. They were such a lovely way of bonding and something I will remember fondly. You can read about them here if you like…..

Baby swimming - Puddle Ducks

There are many things to consider when taking a baby swimming for the first time – it can seem logistically challenging at the beginning but is completely worth it! Swimming is one of the few things that you can do with a tiny baby which you will both get the same amount of pleasure from. Here are some of the tips from Puddle Ducks:

#1 You can bring your baby as soon as you are both ready – you don’t need to wait until they have had their jabs (we follow current NHS advice).

#2 Choose a clean and well-managed pool, ideally heated to over 30°C.

#3 What should baby wear? In a warm pool just a swim nappy and a neoprene over-nappy. That’s it!

#4 When your baby gets out of the water they will probably be cold, tired and hungry!  Have a generously sized hooded bath towel ready and milk or a healthy snack with you.

#5 Bring a changing mat or towel.

#6 Don’t forget to bring your own costume and towel!

In Puddle Ducks classes, the highly trained teachers help you to teach your baby to swim through play, gentle activities and song as the warm water gently massages them.  At all times the emphasis is on allowing you to spend quality time with your baby.

The Puddle Ducks programme introduces the underwater world and allows freedom of movement that your little one won’t have experienced since being in the womb.  This is done safely and without pressure.

Local Puddle Ducks classes are held at the Bowles Activity Centre (between Tunbridge Wells and Crowborough) and at Ashdown Primary School in Crowborough. You can find out exact times of the classes here.

To find out more about Puddle Ducks or to make a booking, call 01892 617246 or email westkentandeastsussex@puddleducks.com. With classes for children aged 0-4, check out the following video to see the little Floaties (0-6 months) in action: