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Babyballet Tunbridge Wells – Not just for girls!

babyballet Tunbridge Wells

With two boys who enjoy playing with cars, trucks and most stereotypical ‘boys toys’, I have to admit that I hadn’t considered trying a babyballet® class before. However after several recommendations from friends, when the opportunity came up to go along to a babyballet® Tunbridge Wells session with Harry, I thought I would give it a whirl.

babyballet Tunbridge WellsLeaving all pre-conceptions at the door, I brought Harry along to the ‘Tinies’ session with Miss Jade on a Wednesday afternoon at the Christ Church Centre on the High Street, Tunbridge Wells.

Harry decided he wanted to wear his Spiderman costume to the class, which I was slightly unsure about, however the babyballet® team re-aassured me that Harry was welcome to wear whatever he liked. I think he enjoyed being a Superhero amongst some of the pretty little ballerinas!

babyballet Tunbridge WellsWe were introduced to the charming Miss Jade before the class started and she immediately made us feel welcome.

Elegant, friendly and softly spoken, she eased us in gently to the class with a relaxed warm up. As expected, Harry was initially a little shy, but I was surprised at how quickly he came out of his shell as we started moving around the room and following Miss Jade’s instructions.

babyballet Tunbridge WellsThe class was a lovely mix of music and movement, while also incorporating little touches of ballet, such as toe-pointing and posture.

Miss Jade communicated so well with the children, often using their names and encouraging them to get involved if they began to lose focus. She used a great range of popular children’s music, including some tunes from the much loved Frozen soundtrack.

babyballet Tunbridge WellsHarry particularly liked jumping from lily pad to lily pad and spinning around with the rainbow props. The class was well structured with each part of the session keeping the children engaged.

Several of the little ones at the class were familiar with the moves and it was clear that they were confident, comfortable and really enjoyed the class.
The babyballet® bears, Twinkle and Teddy, joined us towards the end of the session, with each child being given their own bear to ‘dance’ with before laying them down to sleep.

babyballet Tunbridge WellsThe babyballet® Sevenoaks and Tunbridge Wells franchise is owned by Miss Stephanie (a local mum of three) and has classes throughout the week for girls and boys from 6 months to 6 years old.

babyballet® provides a good mix of the social and physical benefits of ballet, song and dance through a structured but informal syllabus. Harry’s parting words were ‘that was a lovely class’ – a sure sign of success to me!

Details of the babyballet®  classes on offer around Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks can be found here.