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Five Ways You Can Be More Eco-Friendly

More Eco-Friendly

Whether you’re making a vow to be more eco-friendly as part of a New Year’s resolution, or if you want to make a conscious effort to leave the world in a better state than you found it, being eco-friendly is increasing in importance to families up and down the country, and Tunbridge Wells is no exception.

There are many benefits to being eco-friendly (aside from the obvious), including instilling good values into the younger generation, saving money and keeping your house tidy. If you want to know of more ways you can be more eco-friendly aside from simply sorting your recycling from your general waste, keep reading.

Tote Bags

We’re all familiar with the plastic bag charge, but do you really mind paying the extra 5p? The fee might not have deterred you, but the impact plastic bags have on the planet certainly will. It’s estimated that over ocean 100,000 animals are killed by ingesting plastic bags every year, and that’s not to mention how polluting they are on Earth, too. Instead, invest in some heavy duty tote bags and keep them in the boot of your car. They’re not only stronger than plastic bags, but they’re often made of wasted plastic, and they are much more fashionable than a plastic bag, too!

Re-Usable Wipes

If you wear makeup then you’ll be all too aware of the monthly expense of buying wipes. If not, you might be aware of the fact that wet wipes are behind 93% of all blocked sewers, and this spells trouble not only for your toilet, but for the environment, too. Instead of adding to the backlog, do your part to keep the environment (and your face) clean by invest in re-usable wipes. Doing so will save you a bucket load of money, as well as relieving the pressure on your pipes.

More Eco-Friendly

Eco-Friendly Bulbs

The lightbulb you choose can have a big impact on both your life and the Earth. By switching o eco-friendly light bulbs of the correct wattage, you’ll not only use less electricity (thus saving money), but you’ll get a much brighter light output that will last years longer than a traditional halogen light. So, next time your lamp bulb blows, consider an eco-friendly alternative instead. It’s a small step that have a big impact.


Are you a water snob? What we mean by that is do you shun tap water over bottled water? If so, your seemingly innocent habit is having a big impact on the planet. It’s said that bottled water is no cleaner or healthier for you than tap water, but what we do know is that it’s an extremely damaging product to produce. In fact, it takes three times as much water to produce bottled water than it does to fill the actual bottle, and that’s not to mention the oil required. Instead, buy a re-usable water bottle and a tap filter for a more eco-friendly and money-friendly alternative.


This is arguably the biggest area you can make a real difference in your quest to be more eco-friendly. Yes, it’s more effort to walk or cycle to places, but it’s cheaper and far less damaging to the Earth, plus it’s much healthier to get some steps or bicycle strides in. You can make the commute to work more bearable with an electric bike from a company like Scoot-A-Boot, or, if you really must take a car, see if you can carpool with someone else. You’ll save lots in fuel, extend the life of your car and be doing your part for the planet. A triple win!

These are just five ways you can reduce your carbon footprint and be more sustainable this year, will you be trying any?