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6 Expert Tips That Will Help You Understand The Benefits of Healing Crystals

Benefits of Healing Crystals

For good reasons, healing has become all the rage. We’ve all had quite the tumultuous year and what better way to utilize this time for our inner healing. Crystals are often at the forefront of many healing practices. Although some are skeptical about their benefits, if you’ve ever found yourself intrigued by crystals, we’re here to help demystify and provide some clarity around their usage.

Here are 6 expert tips to further explain the benefits of healing crystals:

#1 Vibrations 

The healing power of crystals comes from the “vibrations” or “frequencies” that they emit. These vibrations help bring balance to the environment as well as our energy fields, and all are based on the idea that everything is energy. The crystal’s energy interacts with an individual’s energy and information is transferred between the crystal and individual via the resonant frequencies occurring in each field. Nikolai Tesla famously said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration”.

A crystal with the necessary properties to restore balance and harmony in an individual will yield beneficial results. Healing with crystals is considered to be a branch of vibrational medicine. If you find yourself drawn to certain crystals, look up for their benefits because this might give you a clue as to what you might be lacking right now. Also, knowing the benefits of these crystals can be a great guide to help you tune in with yourself and figure out what you are needing.

#2 Inner work 

Life can be complex and difficult at times. Dealing with the ever-changing external world can be hard as well as work on the internal world. Crystals can aid you in your inner healing and spiritual journey if that is something you are called to do. Different crystals can help to heal or bring out different aspects of yourself that you will benefit from. Many of us are working to ground up and bring presence to our daily lives. To help support your healing journey, the use of intention to program crystals is recommended. By using intentions, you can personalize each crystal to support our unique journeys.

#3 Moldavite 

One of the most powerful stones available to us today is the moldavite. It has even been said that this stone has extraterrestrial origins. The moldavite stone helps you to find your way home to your authentic self. It aids you in getting in touch with your true wants and needs so you can make aligned decisions that will support you and your life. If you want to understand this stone deeper, click here to read up more about moldavite’s properties. Although moldavite helps to provide you with a sense of protection, the stone also gives you confidence and strength to cultivate true resilience.

#4 Intuition 

We all have intuition, whether we realize it or not. Sometimes our intuition is conscious and sometimes it is just underneath our consciousness. Many may have lost this integral part of ourselves due to a busy lifestyle that can often override our natural instincts. If you find yourself out of touch with your instinct, with this inner part of yourself, you can use crystals to aid you.

#5 Amethyst 

You must have seen this chunk of purple stone with a gorgeous black and white base. Amethysts are exceptional to have at hand and are a great all-rounder, which can also cleanse your other crystals. Amethysts are a great stone for meditation as they can help raise your vibration whilst keeping you grounded at the same time. The effects that amethysts give are good to ensure you are grounded in your body so your mind can let go and be present in the moment. Amethysts are also said to supercharge your intuition. Meditating with an amethyst over your third eye (center of forehead) is recommended to aid you in becoming more in tune with yourself.

#6 Self-love 

The foundation of healthy self-esteem and confidence is self-love. Having a deep love for yourself allows you to make better choices for yourself from a place of respect and reverence in you. Rose Quartz is a popular stone for its unconditional love vibrations that support you in opening your heart. This stone can aid you by clearing negativity and promoting forgiveness and self-love as well. 

There are so many incredible healing crystals out there. It’s up to you to begin your crystal journey by developing a deeper connection with yourself in order to find the right ones for you and your journey.