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5 benefits of online gaming which you might not know about…

benefits of online gaming

Online gaming has come a long way since I was a child, but there are still some elements of it that hold strong today. So long as time spent on it is monitored and that people don’t solely rely on it for contact with others, there are plenty of benefits to online gaming which you might not already be aware of. Here they are…

1) So many fantastic choices

So many of us have access to a computer at home so online gaming is pretty much at our fingertips. But does this come at an extra price-tag? Not necessarily! Plays.org offers around 100 free games for you to enjoy online. My personal favourite is the PacRat Game which is an updated version of ‘Pacman’. You (the player) are a mouse and you need to collect lots of pieces of cheese! This really take me back to the times when Pacman was my ultimate favourite game and I have to say PacRat is just as good, if not better!  

Play.com Rat Game

2) A way to take time out

Life can be so busy and intense these days that having something you can chill out to and transport you to another place and time can help immensely! Whether you like curling up with a good book, trying some online gaming, chatting to a friend or perhaps baking something tasty, taking time out to relax is incredibly important and something you will never regret…

3) Get to chat and socialise with your friends

Gaming can be a surprising social thing! My son often organises to ‘meet up ‘ with his friends online and it is something they can chat about both in person and digitally too.

4) Enhances memory

Brain training can be so important, no matter what your age. Playing games is proven to enhance your memory and I honestly think this is true. Anything that keeps your brain active is a winner!

5) Gain useful skills for a career in IT

Online gaming has come a long way and the digital industry is flourishing. There are so many career options in the area of IT and having skills as a gamer can really help.

It can help a person to know what side of the industry they like and can also weed out the people who

6) Gives you something to do

Over the last year or so, our activities have been limited but online gaming has been something which has constantly been there. We absolutely love to go on a family walk or explore somewhere new, but when we are stuck at home, options can be a bit more limited. This is where games come in! Whether it is online or offline, they are good for the soul!

I hope you found this blog post useful? Are you a fan of online gaming? I would love to know your thoughts…