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What are the real benefits of staying at prep school until 13+? 

benefits of staying at prep school

This is a collaborative post with Rose Hill School.

The fact that so many parents send their children to prep schools until 13+ is an indication of their value and the difference they can make to your child’s future.

At Rose Hill School we place particular value on the importance of our final two years, Year 7 & 8. As such we have a fee structure that enables more children to experience this opportunity before moving onto their senior schools.

benefits of staying at prep school

From September 2020, our fees are £7,995 per year. In addition, we offer Awards to pupils who show promise in various subjects such as Sports, Drama, Art and Music. For children offered a major award the fee for the year will are £3,998.

All subjects in Year 7 & 8 are led with specialist teaching staff and our class sizes are lower than that of a senior school which means we offer an individual learning journey. This can be important for all children regardless of academic ability. Rose Hill School is smaller than our senior equivalents and we make sure no child ‘gets lost in a crowd’. Additionally, for a less self-assured child, remaining in our small and nurturing environment for longer will help to build their confidence.

benefits of staying at prep school

During the last two years at Rose Hill School pupils have the opportunity to take on roles of responsibility such as prefects or captain of the first sports teams. With the considerably larger size of senior schools in comparison, these opportunities are harder to come by. Being the top year of a prep school at age 12 or 13 as opposed to being the youngest members of the senior school community encourages maturity and independence.

Academically, attending Rose Hill School to 13+ means that your child has access to excellent teachers and a broad, rich and exciting curriculum. Parents choose us because of the ‘value-added’ educational programme we offer with drama, music and art. Our facilities are fantastic, with enviable sporting amenities and large grounds including outdoor education and space for self-discovery.

benefits of staying at prep school

We have close links to local independent senior schools. We have an in-depth understanding of their admission processes and if appropriate and necessary, we will negotiate with the senior school on your behalf. If your child will be attending your chosen senior school on a bursary, some public schools will also contribute towards the fees for this two year period at prep school, as part of their financial assistance.

To discuss what Rose Hill School can offer your child or to register for our Virtual Open Day on 26 March please contact our Admissions Secretary, Ann Green admissions@rosehillschool.co.uk, 01892 525591.