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5 Ways to Find the Best Campervan Parking Spots

Best Campervan Parking Spots

As soon as you have learned how to find campervan insurance, you will want to hit the road. Finding the right insurance policy and knowing where to head to are two different things!

With a destination in mind, you will also need to have an idea of where to stay and park during the trip. While most of the campers I have encountered over the years prefer to go off-grid, it still helps to have a clue on some of the places where you can stay.

The following are 5 tips on how to find a campervan parking spot.

1. Research the Best Campervan Campsites

Although we are always on the lookout for free campervan sites, there are those days when we all want to enjoy the comforts that come with parking at a proper campsite.

For those in the UK, I would recommend checking out the Cool Camping website. Featured in it are some of the coolest parking spots in the country.

Some sites accept campervans and offer you a delightful place to spend the night or weekend.

2. Use a Website or App

I find apps to be really handy whenever I have to go out with the campervan. There are several of them available in the Google and iOS stores.

For example, the Park4Night App has more than sixty thousand locations, including their reviews and pictures to assist you in choosing a good location.

I have had tremendous success using the app, which has seen me park in a variety of beach car parks and farm shops.

If you would rather use a website, check out the Searchforsites website. It covers a large part of the UK and the greater Western Europe. While it doesn’t have as many sites as the app mentioned above, it does offer great functionality.

3. Try Out Brit Stops

As the name suggests, Brit Stops is a UK directory featuring more than 900 antique/craft centers, country pubs, breweries, vineyards, and farm shops.

Many of these locations offer free parking to motorhome and campervan owners. Although they may not have shower or toilet facilities, they do guarantee your safety while off the road.

It also means you will have access to yummy food during your stay. To get a membership, you will need to get your hands on the latest edition of the book.

4. Join Facebook Groups

I have found Facebook groups to be a great resource for everything related to campervans. In these groups, you will find all the information from how to build one to how to live in one.

You will be amazed at the wealth of information contained in these groups. One of my favorites is Campervan overnight parking.

The group is specifically meant for UK campervan and motorhome owners and currently has more than eighty thousand active users.

All you have to do is post a request for information or recommendations on the best places to park and wait for feedback. You could also go through past threads to check out some of the available answers.

5. Ask the Owner

If you currently don’t own a campervan and are looking to lease or borrow one, you could always ask for recommendations from the owner.

There’s a high probability they have been to tons of locations and, therefore, know of some great campervan parking spots.


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