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5 Best Colleges & Universities in London 2021

Best Colleges & Universities in London

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London is one of the most vibrant cities in the world, which makes living there a real privilege. You’ll never get bored in London since there are a lot of great places to visit and nice things to do. You can have fun going to the pubs or restaurants, attending sports clubs or walking in beautiful leafy parks.

What’s more, London is considered to be a centre of excellence for education. Studying there means having access to some of the best-equipped universities. London institutions can meet any educational needs as there are so many libraries, local businesses and support networks. In fact, if you choose this city to pursue a degree, you’ll get a chance to meet a wide range of professionals and gather the right contacts that could boost your future career prospects.

Now that you realize how many advantages London education can bring, you probably feel motivated to study there. But before choosing a university for enrollment, you should first prepare your admission essay. Below you can read about the best way to do it.

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Best Colleges & Universities in London

Where to study in London?

There are so many excellent places to get education in London that it may be difficult to pick the one that you like most. To solve this problem, you can turn to the university ranking systems and consider some top colleges. If you keep reading, you’ll learn more about them.

Imperial College London

Imperial College London was established as a public research university in 1907. Today, it focuses on such fields as science, medicine, technology, and business. It’s important to note that this institution takes the 11th place in the World University Rank 2021 and the first one in the London University Rank of this year. Imperial College London is proud of its big international community that includes students from 140 countries. Its main campus is located in South Kensington, but it also has an innovation campus in White City and teaching hospitals throughout the city.

University College London

University College London or UCL is the second best school in the city and the sixteenth one in the world. It is a public research university that obtains the second position in the United Kingdom by total enrollment, following only the Open University. This is also the first institution in England that admitted students regardless of their religion. UCL includes 11 faculties as well as over 100 departments and research centres. Interestingly, it also operates several museums, some of which are  the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology and the Grant Museum of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy.

The London School of Economics

The London School of Economics was founded in 1895 but began awarding degrees in its own name only in 2008. Before that, the institution awarded degrees of the University of London. Nearly 70% of the LSE students come from outside the UK, which makes it a great place for international students. Note that this prestigious school is ranked 27th in the world and the third in London. Despite its name, the LSE has 25 departments and institutes that teach and conduct research in various social sciences.

King’s College London

King’s, a public research university, was established in 1829, so it’s one of the oldest universities in England. Being the fourth best institution in London, it obtains the 33rd position in the World University Rank 2021. From its foundation till now, it works under royal patronage, and its current patron is Queen Elizabeth II. As it’s one of the largest institutions, King’s College London has five campuses across the city. The school is organized into 9 faculties that include numerous departments and research divisions.

Queen Mary University of London

Queen Mary University of London dates back to 1785 when London Hospital Medical College was founded. Later it merged with other institutions, so now the school has five campuses across East and Central London as well as an international presence in France, Greece, Malta, and even China. Queen Mary University of London is ranked 110th in the world and the 5th in London. Students can study at one of its three faculties, such as the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, the Faculty of Science and Engineering and Barts.

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