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6 tips for ensuring you get the best wedding photos ever

Best wedding photos

A wonderful wedding photographer is worth their weight in gold. Your wedding day can go by in a flash so it’s incredibly important to take the time to find someone you trust to record those special moments for you. To help you navigate this minefield here are our top six tips for getting the best wedding photos ever.

Right Fit fit for you

A wedding photographer will witness the most important occasion of your life and you need to feel comfortable with them. They may be with you as you start your day, perhaps taking pictures of your dress before you put it on, you with your bridesmaids, or, you once you’re ready and you make your way out of the house. It’s essential that you feel you have found somebody who is the right fit for you. In the same way that choosing wedding venues needs to be done with precision, you’ll know when you have found the right option for your big day.

Do your research…

Make sure you are able to see examples of completed wedding albums and the style of wedding the photographer usually covers. Ideally you would be able to view entire albums of one or two weddings to give you confidence that the photographer can consistently produce quality photographs throughout the day. Consider the location of your photographer and if you need to pay travel time. Getting married in Scotland? Poptop UK have details of wedding photographers in Edinburgh with fantastic reviews. Explain your ideas for your day, the parts that are important to you and the bits that you’ve spent time planning so that the photographer understands what to capture.

Best wedding photos

Shots & Props

Our advice would be to work out the shots you really want, the ones you will value the most and ask the photographer to prioritise these. Then give them a list of the shots in order of importance and in conjunction with a timeline for the day. Think about any props you might want included – research wedding photograph ideas on Pinterest.

For the pre-wedding photoshoot with the bridal party, consider getting luxurious satin robes for the gals to take amazing photos. You and your partner can also prepare matching outfits, such as custom printed T-shirts or pajamas, for the groomsmen for the photoshoot.


It would be helpful to have headshots of the key people to give to your photographer so that he/she can identify the people you would like more photographs of.

How long?

Consider how long you would like the photographer to stay at your wedding. Do you want to capture the evening celebrations as well as the formal photographs during the day? As the evening wears on will you want photographs of dancing or drinking? As harsh as it sounds, are there any people you’d rather not be photographed?

When your big day is done…

Do you want a photograph album or book as an overview of your Wedding Day? Make sure you are clear about what is included and what is not within the price quoted. There are a lot of options now from digital albums, downloads and physical photographs.

Don’t forget to carve out some time just to take in the moment with your new husband or wife!