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The BiG TOE: Reflexology can help support you with whatever life is throwing your way. Specific areas on your feet, face and hands (the reflexes) correspond to different parts of your body and by applying pressure to these reflexes your body’s natural flow of energy is restored and maintained. It works on both a physical and emotional level, incorporating Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as pressure points. It doesn’t hurt at all and is extremely relaxing and calming.

I specialise in fertility & pregnancy reflexology, traditional reflexology, hot stone reflexology and natural facelift massage. I’ve seen men, women and children with IBS, migraines, back, shoulder & neck pain, stress, insomnia, bedwetting and fertility & pregnancy.


As more people struggle with unexplained infertility, reflexology can be used as part of a holistic approach to help couples become families.  We’ll look at your diet, exercise, lifestyle and other factors that could be having an effect.


The 9 months of pregnancy will put your body through intense physical changes and reflexology can help mothers-to-be stay comfortable during this time. It can also help a variety of issues including morning sickness, insomnia, dizziness, aches & pains, anxiety, tiredness and constipation.


I absolutely love helping bumps become babies naturally. It’s great to have reflexology throughout your pregnancy and it can be used as an excellent tool to help bring on labour naturally.


Children can benefit hugely from reflexology. For a constipated baby, bed-wetting 10 year old or a teenager suffering from migraines it can be a safe, nurturing and healing environment.

The BiG TOE experience:

All your sessions will be tailored to you, taking into account any physical and non-physical factors that might be affecting your current wellbeing. And if you’re just looking for a relaxing massage, that works too.


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