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Bikes and bonding at beautiful Bewl Water!

Fantastic family day out at breathtaking Bewl Water……

Bewl Bike Hire www.mytunbridgewells.comWe had been planning to have a family day out at Bewl Water for a while, and when the sun came out last weekend, we packed a picnic and headed off to Bewl Water to get set up for a family cycle.

The staff at Bewl Bike Hire were a pleasure to deal with. Please note – if you are reading this post in 2019, the bike hire at Bewl Water isn’t owned by Bewl Bike Hire any longer, however this post should be interesting for anyone considering cycling around Bewl Water with kids. Find out more about the current bike hire at Bewl Water HERE.

When we showed up to the shop, we quickly discussed what bike hire options there were. We initially thought Harry would like to sit in a child’s seat on the back of his Dad’s bike, but true to form, he decided it was too high for him and refused to sit up. The staff were obviously used to strong minded toddlers and suggested that Harry could go in a trailer attached to the back of Dave’s bike instead. Well what a great idea – Harry loved it!

Bewl Bike Hire www.mytunbridgewells.comWith Bewl Bike Hire’s number saved into my phone (they will come and help you if punctures etc. occur), a few adjustments and a practice ride, we set off alongside the lake and into the woods. I can’t emphasise enough how beautiful this area is. The path led us through a wooded area, up a few steep hills ,down winding lanes and along the beautiful banks of the lake.

The children were quiet and I had almost ‘switched off’ when out of nowhere I felt a searing pain in my arm – a wasp sting!! It throbbed for a while but was soon forgotten as we peddled on.

Bewl Water Bike Hire My Tunbridge Wells www.mytunbridgewells.comWe had our picnic along the way (which would have been very peaceful without the kids) and decided to cycle towards the local pub which was 5.5 miles away from Bewl Water. A round-trip of 11 miles seemed pretty accepatable to me!

We had to come off piste to find the pub but with the use of the map which Bewl Bike Hire had given us, it was easy enough to find. It was quite a steep road which led us to the The Bull Inn at Three Leg Cross and boy were we ready for a drink!

Bewl Bike Hire www.mytunbridgewells.comThe Bull Inn is a very special place! After peddling furiously to the top of the hill, The Bull was an oasis of calmness and tranquillity. There is an outdoor play are (you know I love these!) with various slides and swings and picnic benches for families to dine at. The inside of the pub is very traditional but quirky. I would love to come back again for a walk and a meal which would be ideal in winter.

Ben slept for a good chunk of the journey to the pub, so was wide awake on the way back – it was lovely seeing his little face light up and he definitely enjoyed it. The trailer was the best choice for Harry. He was able to sit back and relax, look after the picnic and the map and generally try to boss us around. His favourite past-time!

Bewl Bike Hire www.mytunbridgewells.comI would highly recommend hiring bikes at Bewl Bike Hire for a day of family bonding and enjoying the great outdoors. Bewl Water itself has lots to offer for the family too including a new pirate shipwreck, Woodpecker softplay, two fab playgrounds (one for the little ones and one for the older ones) and a chance to go out on the lake on Captain Swallow’s ship.

Bewl Bike Hire is open every day throughout the summer holidays. Find out more here.

Tunbridge Wells top tips for family cycles at Bewl:

  • Bring cash with you for the incredible ice-creams on sale at from the ice-cream bike on your journey around the lake (when it’s sunny)
  • Remember to take the map which Bewl Bike Hire supplies
  • The round-trip route around Bewl is 13 miles long, however there are very steep hills for part of the latter half of the route which is why we decided to head off to The Bull! If you are worried about your fitness levels for this ride we recommend using a home spin bike for a few weeks before you try this route.
  • Take your mobile phone with you just in case, as if you have hired bikes from Bewl Bike Hire, they will come and rescue you if you get stuck / punctured or lost!
  • Try not to get stung by a wasp 🙂