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2021 Buying Guide: Best Bikes for Seniors

Bikes for seniors

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Using a bike to get around is a great choice for seniors, especially retired persons. It is a good way to stay physically active without putting too much impact on your joints. Additionally, if you live in a bike-friendly area, you can ride as quickly and as far as you like. Wanting to keep it light and easy? No problem. Want to go for an intense trip? That’s fine too.

The following information will help you find the best bikes for seniors. With one of these, you will be ready to take on all your transportation and exercise needs.

Best Standard Bike

If you are looking for an all-around great bike for seniors, consider the Reach Your Destination hybrid bike. This is a lightweight bike made to a very high-quality standard. As a hybrid bike, it offers a comfortable, quick ride for getting around town while still being able to take on some off-road biking.

Seniors will appreciate the light chassis as this makes manoeuvring easier, including when you need to move the bike by hand (such as loading it on a rack). Better yet, since it is aluminium, it won’t rust or corrode.

Best Electric Bike

If you are looking for the perfect electric bike for seniors, consider the EVRYjourney. This is a tricycle for adults. It has a powerful electric motor and a long-lasting battery. Additionally, it has a large cargo basket in the back, which is great if you intend to use your e-bike for shopping or other errands.

Like the Reach Your Destination, this has an aluminum frame. The benefit of a lightweight design is that the bike gets even more performance from the electric powertrain. This is one of the most competent electric bikes for seniors, and the third wheel offers some extra stability that many seniors will love.

Best Bike for Older Riders

For older riders looking for a standard bike, consider the Around the Block cruiser bike. It has an excellent upright riding position, which is good for anyone who doesn’t want to lean forward too much. Additionally, the relatively wide tires and the cruiser layout make it perfect for some nice, casual riding.

It is very easy to manoeuvre and carry when needed. Additionally, the premium brakes offer excellent control. You can even adjust the handlebars to fit your height.

Best Bike for Riders With Pain

Many seniors (and other adults) struggle with back and neck pain. This can make riding a bike really difficult. Fortunately, there is the Body Ease bicycle. It probably comes as no surprise that this is a great choice for people who have pain.

The riding position is very adjustable and it is particularly upright (even more so than other cruisers). Plus, there is a very low step-through design. These characteristics combine to make it one of the most comfortable rides around.

Order Your Bike Today

There are plenty of great options for seniors who want to ride a bicycle. Consider each of the above suggestions or search around for your perfect bike. Maybe the right electric bike is the one for you. Whatever you choose, place your order today.


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