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8 Must-Read Books about London for your Next trip

Eight Must-Read Books about London for your next trip

Are you on a semester break? Or planning for a trip or any outdoor activities? If you are on a semester break, you probably want to go somewhere to fresh up your mind. Yes, the students must take a break from their studies and look out for some activities that keep them refreshed. Remember, without investing time in some outdoor or other activities. You will not be able to make a fresh start. However, when it comes to choosing activities, everyone has their own choice. Some students want to spend their vacations by reading interesting books, going out for a trip, or simply watching movies.

Well, if you are a massive book-lover and want to spend your travel trip with more fun and excitement, then we are here to help you out. Here we have suggested the best books about London that students should read ahead of their trip. Undoubtedly, you have so many choices available, but we have selected a few of the classic books that make your trip enjoyable and, of course, memorable.

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Let’s break the suspense and share a list of must-read books about London that everyone should read this year. So, are you ready?

1 – Pretty City London – Discovering London’s Beautiful Places

The book highlights the beautiful places to visit in London. The writer Siobhan Ferguson amazingly illustrated the beautiful places, i.e., secluded mews, flower markers, cafes, tree-lined streets, and everything that keeps you hooked while reading. Not only this, you will find photography tips to capture the fantastic shots of mesmerizing places.

2 – Do Not Pass Go

The writer creatively illustrated the history of London in just one fun-packed book. Time Moore beautifully described the history of the franchise and Monopoly. So, for London and Monopoly lovers, From the Old Kent Road to Mayfair is a must-read for a traveling trip.

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3 – London’s Hidden Walks – Volumes 1-3

If you haven’t visited London or explore its fantastic places, then this book is the perfect choice for you. It’s a three-volume series, and each book contains maps and photographs of 12 walks. The writer of the book featured the history of London with exciting details and facts. Stephen Millar also amazingly elaborated the open sunny squares, quiet hidden corners, winding alleyways, and other beautiful London places that have made a colorful history.

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4 – Georgian London- Into the Streets

No doubt, there is so much historic wonder linked with the UK’s capital. Lucy Inglis described the Georgian era, a period of history that greatly influenced the UK. If you are curious about the Georgian era and love to know how Londoners behaved during that time, this book would reveal it all.

We must say this book takes readers on a fantastic tour of London’s most formative era. Yes, the era of intellect, love, and great ambition. So, pack Georgian London for your next trip! Look for storage near me service to get the best discounts on your storage units.

5 – London – A Travel Guide Through Time

This book is a highly engaging read for all book lovers. A travel guide through time is all about the six exciting periods of history. Dr. Matthew Green highlighted the best times in London. You will explore the exciting stories, anecdotes, and facts related to London and Londoners. Let you turn back to the times of Shakespeare, coffee houses, medieval city, Blitz, and the reign of Victoria.

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6 – Tired of London, Tired of Life

They were packed with unique, fun, and exciting things that you can do in the UK’s capital. Well, Tired of London is the perfect read for first-time visitors of London. However, book lovers can also explore the best and new things to try to make themselves amused in London. In actuality, Tom Jones shared his personal experience like what he did to get rid of boredom. He tried some fun and imaginative things to make him fall back in love with this majestic city.

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7 – Literary London

This book is absolutely a must-read for book lovers. Eloise Millar explained how Lord Byron, Oscar Wilde, and Shakespeare spent their days in London. If you want to know about all those literary greats and from where they got inspiration, start reading Literary London. It will surely be worth your time! Yes, it’s a handy and fascinating guide that keeps you surprised and amused while reading every page of this book.

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8 – I Never Knew That About London

Do you want to reveal the unknown tales of London’s history? If yes, why not keep I never knew that about London for your upcoming vacation trip? Christopher Winn, the bestselling author, beautifully elaborated the hidden gems of legends, adventures, inventions, secrets of the Mother of Parliaments, and much more.

If you want to know more and uncover the history of London then don’t wait anymore. Pack this exciting book in your self-storage unit and get ready to know amazing facts about London that you haven’t heard before.

Did you choose any of your favorite travel books? Not yet? Please look at the list mentioned above of the best books about London as it makes your choice easier. So, it’s time to book your ticket, make up your mind, and get lost in a fascinating book throughout your trip!