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Bubble Trouble Dolls Review – Soft, Scented and Squishy!

Bubble Trouble Dolls Review

Wondering what the Bubble Trouble Dolls are? Read all about them on My Tunbridge Wells…

I’m sure I enjoy reviewing these things just as much as my little girl does! ‘We’ reviewed the Bubble Trouble Dolls – Bubble Gum Kitty and Bubble Trouble Pineapple Punch to be precise. We like dolls in this house and we like squishies too, so this was an interesting combination!

The dolls are very eye catching with their bright and sometime psychedelic colours. The dolls themselves are soft, scented and super squishy and according to legend, they came to life inside a gum-ball machine!

These squeezable, collectable dolls have their own yummy smelling bubble gum scent and come with their own squishy bubble buddy friend too.

Bubble Trouble Dolls Review

The different Bubble Trouble characters in the collection are: 

  • Bubblegum Kitty
  • Watermelon Slice
  • Pineapple Punch
  • Sundae Funday

What did we think?

My daughter is slightly obsessed with dolls at the moment and the Bubble Trouble Dolls were definitely a hit. She loves pretending to put them to bed, covering them with any old tea-towel she can find. Bless her!

She was also fascinated with their little shoes which can be removed and put back on again as well as their squishy dresses or outfits.

The squishy ‘buddies’ which come with each doll were a hit too – both with my toddler and my six year old.

Bubble Trouble Dolls Review

My daughter especially enjoys giving these dolls a good sniff, as do I! I mean who wouldn’t love smelling Bubblegum Kitty or Pineapple Punch?

Their hair is stretchy, soft, and scented which all adds to the fun too. These dolls are solid and could withstand lots of the over zealous play which seems to happen in our house. Their arms, legs and heads all move and I can see my daughter being entertained by them for a long time to come.

Bubble Trouble Dolls Review

Where can I get the Bubble Trouble Dolls?

The Bubble Trouble Dolls currently have an RRP of £19.99 and are available to purchase from @SmythsToysSuperstores.