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4 Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make When Buying A Motorhome

buying a motorhome

Motorhomes are great! If anything, they’ve never been more incredible than they are now because they are one of the only ways to travel during the Covid-19 crisis. Traditional holidays are under threat right now, yet a road trip is as flexible as it is fun. Once you hear the news, you can drive in another direction away from the problem!

However, buying a motorhome or campervan for the first time is daunting as it’s not the same as purchasing a car, something you’ve done on multiple occasions. There are mistakes you need to avoid, some of which are common, as the consequences can be significant.

The good news is, the following advice will help you eliminate silly errors.

Get Gap Insurance

You can’t drive without insurance, so investing in a policy isn’t a surprise. It’s a necessity. Still, the insurance world is big and complicated, and there are tonnes of products and services to choose from. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for people not to know about gap insurance. Motorhome gap insurance is a bridge between what you have to pay after your insurer has calculated the value of the vehicle if you have a finance plan. Yes, the amount of depreciation is taken into account. As a result, you could be left with a hefty bill if you don’t have a safety net.

Check The Tyres

The vehicle’s tyres are an area that differs from normal cars. Most people don’t realise this, which is why lots of buyers fall into the trap. You shouldn’t follow their lead since an ill-equipped RV can buckle under the pressure. Car tyres can typically take a load of up to 500kg, whereas small motorhomes put up to 700kg of pressure on the wheels at slow speeds. This makes new, specialised tyres essential if you don’t want anything to burst on the motorway!

And The Interior

A motorhome is more than a vehicle. That means everything inside needs to work just as well as everything under the bonnet and on the exterior. Be warned – if you’re buying a used camper, it will have faults. As a result, it’s your duty to check all the buttons and knobs thoroughly to ensure they work. The last thing you want is to replace the fridge or cooker because it’s faulty. Just because something isn’t perfect doesn’t mean it’s the end of the deal. If you can live without it, that’s fine!

Ask For The Tonnage

Your driving licence only allows you to drive certain vehicles. Anyone who passed their test on or after January 1st, 1997, can get behind the wheel of a vehicle that weighs under 3.5 tonnes. When a vehicle is heavier, you need to pass a test to operate it legally. The weight matters, then, as you could invest in an RV that you can’t use. Older licences are different, so you should double-check when you passed and what your full driving licence allows you to operate.

Some of the above might sound daft, but it’s amazing what you’ll overlook in your excitement to buy a motorhome.


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