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Top Essentials That Every Camping Enthusiast Must Have

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Camping is one of the fun and perfect activities to bond and make memories with friends and family, especially after months of lockdown. However, even when it’s not your first time camping, packing essentials can still sometimes become overwhelming.

Even if you have your RV or car, you still can’t bring everything with you, but only the essential items for your trip. In case you need help with what to pack, here are some items you shouldn’t forget to bring with you.

Sleep Essentials

Camping means you’d have to spend a night or more outside. Thus, you’ll need items that will help give you a comfortable sleep. This way, you’ll have more energy for the next day, especially if you planned several activities.

So, don’t forget to bring sleep essentials, such as your sleepwear, sleeping bags, and pillows. Don’t forget to bring blankets too, so you’ll stay warm.

Food and Water

Of course, food and water are a necessity too, so pack enough food and water for everyone. Don’t forget to bring a decent mess kit too, which you’ll get so much use out of, both at the campsite and if you go out for a hike. They can be an absolute lifesaver when camping.

With regards to your food and drink – ensure that they are stored properly to avoid spoilage and contamination. It’s always best to come prepared with everything you need.

Snacks are optional, but they are helpful to keep kids busy too, in case you’re camping with children. So, pack some tasty snacks, such as sandwiches and chips.

First Aid Kit

Accidents can happen anytime no matter where you are. Even a relaxing recreational activity like camping can still pose risks. Regardless of the activities, you planned for your camping trip, it is a must that you pack a first aid kit with you.

Your first aid kit for camping should always include antihistamines, pain and anti-inflammatory medicine, bandages, gauzes, antibiotic ointment, as well as antiseptic solutions. Maintenance medicine shouldn’t be forgotten too.

Water Filters

It’s hard to survive without water. Thus, even if you already brought some water with you, make sure that you also pack water filters, so you’re prepared in case something happens and you run out of clean water to drink.

With the advancements in technology, it’s now easier to find portable and lightweight water filters. But if you still don’t have one, chlorine or iodine tablets will do. Just like portable water filtration gadgets, these are also effective and space savers. They come in instructions on how you can use them to filter water for drinking.


Camping also means you have zero or limited sources of power. Thus, you’ll have no source of light while you’re out there. This could make tasks difficult as it’s harder to see without enough light source. So, it’s a must that you always bring a flashlight with you.

Insect Repellent

Insects like mosquitoes not only cause itchy and annoying bites. They can also transmit diseases, such as malaria, West Nile Virus, and even Zika virus. They may be small, but they can compromise your health. And they’re rampant in the woods.

And if you’re not careful, you’re not just at risk of insect bites. If you’re unlucky, you might catch a disease too.

An insect repellent, however, is your best friend when camping. As its name suggests, it keeps insects at bay. With this, you’re not only safe from insect bites, but you can also rest well.

Tools and Repair Items

When you’re out of the comfort of your home, it’s always best to keep yourself equipped with tools that will come in handy in case of an emergency.

A multi-tool, for instance, has almost every tool that you need in a portable size. Some have a mini-hammer, ax, pliers, knife, and even a can opener. Others also have spoons and forks. In case something breaks or if you forgot to bring other tools, this will help you survive and make your task easier without compromising your storage space.


If you’ll be staying at a site that allows campfires and barbecues, don’t forget to bring something to light the fire with, such as matches or a lighter. This will help cooking faster. Additionally, this will help you start a bonfire faster to keep you warm.

Air-Tight Containers

If you’re set to camp for a few days, don’t forget to bring some air-tight containers too. No matter where your campsite is, for sure, you’ll be spending days and nights with wild animals too, and they might come for your food if you leave your food out.

So, protect your food and protect the wild animals and invest in good air-tight containers. They trap food smells and protect it well from hungry wild animals.

Camping can be exciting, but make sure that you only bring the essentials, so you’ll have enough space in your vehicle