Home Product Reviews Care Bears Review – Do you remember them?

Care Bears Review – Do you remember them?

Care Bears Plush Toys Review

AD – We were given the Care Bears plush toys as a gift, for the purpose of this honest review. As always, all thoughts are my own.

Were you a fan of the Care Bears when growing up? These are one of the toys that always remind me of my childhood and I always feel a little nostalgic when I think of them. I think I only had the Care Bears Annual and perhaps just one little Care Bear but I would have loved to have more of them. So now as an adult, as cheesy as it sounds, I had hoped that my daughter would share my love for Care Bears too. And do you know what? I think she does!

We reviewed three of the Care Bear plush toys from Basic Fun. The particular toys we were sent were Grumpy Bear, Bedtime Bear and Share Bear. For children from age 4+, find out what we thought of them…

Care Bears Plush Toys Review

Tell me more about the Care Bear plushes…

The Care Bears are a group of huggable BFFs living that sweet caring life in the clouds. Each Care Bears is 14″ inches in size, perfect for unlimited bear hugs, and ready for you to take on your adventures of sharing and caring!  It also comes with a collectible Care Coin so you can show the world how much you care, share your coin with a friend to show how much you care. Collect all 6 of the Care Bears Medium Plush today!

Bedtime Bear is slightly bigger than the other Care Bears. With soft aqua tones and super huggable longer plush fabric, plus a unique sleepy expression this Care Bear is the perfect tool for helping little ones go to sleep.

There are some gorgeous cuddly Care Bears in the Medium 14 Inch Plush range. Choose from Cheer Bear the pink happy one, with his colourful rainbow tummy design. Tenderheart is the loving orange bear with his bright red heart design and the shamrock emblazoned Good Luck Bear is the brightest green; as if he has come direct from the Emerald Isle.

Despite his scowl and raincloud tummy symbol, Grumpy Bear is super cute and huggable and is an opposite to Funshine Bear, the super bright yellow character with sunshine belly badge. Finally, lovely in lilac is Share bear with her two-heart shaped Lollipop belly badges…one for sharing of course!

All 6 Care Bears are also available as 9” beanie plush perfect for collecting for pop culture fans. Each carries its distinct Care Bear expression and belly badge.

Care Bears Plush Toys Review

What did we think of the Care Bears?

Grumpy BearTM definitely looks like a bit of a grouch and could actually make a good humoured gift for a moody grandparent but we know deep inside he is actually probably a cheerful fella.  Grumpy Bear’sTM tummy symbol—a rain cloud with falling hearts—is a reminder that even when we’re less than cheery, we are still loved by those closest to us.

Share BearTM is a gorgeous deep colour and we reviewed the mini version which was really sweet. She apparently loves sharing so much that she shows it with her belly badge – two heart-shaped lollipops!

As mentioned above, Bedtime BearTM is slightly bigger than the other Care Bears. He is so lovely and soft and my daughter insists on taking him to bed with her so she definitely approves too!

The the 14-inch characters come with a coin which my boys immediately claimed as their won.

Care Bears Plush Toys Review

Where can you get the Care Bears Plush Toys?

The medium Care Bears plush toys are available from Smyths Toys Superstores at an RRP of £14.99.

For Bedtime Bears please visit John Lewis at an RRP of £19.99.

The 9 inch plush bears can be purchased at The Entertainer.