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5 reasons why cats are the perfect pets for families

5 reasons why cats are the perfect pets for families

I have always been a fan of cats. In fact my Mum used to call me ‘the cat lady’ when I was growing up. However my husband has never liked them very much and is definitely more of a dog person.

It’s something we might need to eventually agree to disagree on. However for the moment, I will put my case forward and have written this post highlighting 5 reasons why cats are the perfect pets for families…

Encourages independence

Giving your child responsibility for feeding the cat or cleaning out its litter tray, for example, can definitely go a long way in helping to increase their independence. There are some fascinating pet statistics out there that confirm this. I remember my responsibilities well from when I was a child and I think they stood me to good stead for the future. Having the main responsibility for keeping a pet healthy is important and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Good for immunity

These days, we know that having an overly-clean house can actually be a negative thing and that pets in general can help boost a child’s immunity. What a great reason to get a gorgeous cat!

Simple to look after

Don’t get my wrong, dogs are gorgeous creatures too but I do think cats take a lot less looking after. There are some super accessories to use for cat owners these days including the best litter scoop I have come across. Cats also don’t need to be walked and don’t mind being left alone for a few hours (unlike some dogs). They can be very self sufficient!

reasons why cats are the perfect pets for families

Promotes caring and affection

Having a cuddly animal really does help to promote affection in an adults or child. Just stroking the cat and hearing them purr make me calm and always worked for me as a child to calm me down if I was feeling a bit stressed.


Cats can actually be great fun! There are lots of ideas on Pinterest for games to play with your cat. As a child, I tended to stick with the simple ones – a bit of string and scrunched up paper or even a ping pong ball. There are lots of clever toys on the market for cats too – the perfect gift for your cat’s Christmas stocking perhaps?

Do you have cat or any other pets at home? What do you think about cats – do you agree that they are a great pet for families too? Let me know in the comments below…