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Are CBD Gummies as Good as the Drops?

CBD Gummies

With the ever-increasing diversity of products available on the CBD market, there is naturally going to be an increased amount of confusion. While it used to be a simple case of just getting some CBD oil and nothing else, we now have to deal with all kinds of weird and slightly confusing products.

For instance, what about these CBD gummies? Everywhere that makes and sells CBD oil seems to always have some CBD gummies in stock, but are they just as good as regular CBD oil?

What Is in CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies look a little bit strange when considered up against regular CBD oil. A strangely gelatinous, almost iridescent gummy doesn’t really look like it could contain anything helpful whatsoever.

However, a CBD gummy is basically just a gummy bear that comes preloaded with a dose of CBD oil. A CBD gummy is typically made from either gelatin or pectin for the vegan CBD users among us.

This gelatin/pectin emulsion is mixed with sugar and other flavorings, typically fruity, to create a tasty little sweet snack. If you stopped here, you would end up with a regular gummy bear, but CBD gummies also come with a little bit of CBD oil mixed in as well.

This CBD oil is usually the same as the standard CBD oil you would imbibe if you bought CBD drops from any retail store. CBD oil by itself doesn’t contain any additional ingredients. Manufacturers infuse this oil into the gummy ingredients to make CBD gummies.

When considering whether a CBD gummy is as good as regular CBD oil, you need to remember that there is not a lot of difference between them. While CBD oil could be described as the purer way to imbibe cannabidiol, it doesn’t much differ from CBD gummies when it comes to CBD content.

The only real difference between CBD gummies and CBD oils or drops is that CBD gummies taste a lot better, and they are designed to be chewed.

While most people might think CBD gummies are a bit of a wasted purchase, they actually fulfill an excellent niche in the CBD market. Instead of having to deal with potentially strong or unpleasant flavours, CBD gummies allow you to imbibe your CBD with whatever sweet flavour you want with your CBD gummies.

But where do you buy CBD gummies, especially in the UK?

Where Can You Buy CBD Gummies in the UK?

The trouble with finding the best CBD gummies to buy in the UK is that you can never know if individual retailers will have precisely what you need.

CBD gummies in the UK are easy to find from several retailers, including brick and mortar high street stores like Boots. However, the issue is finding ones that you actually like.

Different brands offer different flavours, as well as entirely different CBD intensities. While some people might prefer just to pick up any old CBD gummy, it is essential to buy the CBD gummies that contain the correct amount of CBD oil that you need.

One of the best brands to consider for CBD gummies in the UK is Provacan. While getting CBD gummies in the UK might feel pretty challenging, Provacan makes it incredibly easy.

Their CBD gummies are well labeled and totally clear about what they contain. Their most basic option, the 100mg CBD gummies, has a super fresh and straightforward mixed fruit flavor. Each gummy contains 10mg, an easily scalable quantity of CBD oil that makes it incredibly simple to take as much or as little as you need at any one time.

Provacan also takes pride in providing wholly accurate and detailed information about the specific contents of their products. Their CBD gummies contain a simple list of sugar, glucose syrup, lactic acid, and CBD distillate, using only pectin to hold it all together.

This makes them entirely vegetarian and vegan friendly while avoiding any of that unpleasant mouthfeel that comes from using vegetable glycerin.

Priced at £12.99, these are a simple, safe, and relatively cheap way to get started with CBD gummies, before you move on to some of the more potent doses and more intricate flavours available.

However, as long as you are being watchful about where you buy your CBD gummies from in the UK, you can honestly get them everywhere. As long as they contain useful information about their ingredients and CBD content, you likely won’t go wrong getting CBD gummies in the UK.

Just make sure that you pick a flavour that you actually like!