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CBD oil: the healing power of an ancient cultivated plant

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Since it has been possible and legal to extract CBD oil from the hemp plant, this active ingredient has conquered Europe.

Because without the psychoactive effects of THC, the hemp plant can show its pure healing power, which also made it a medicinal plant in 2018! And it has many other talents as a multifaceted crop.

If you want to understand why CBD oil is increasingly appreciated throughout the world and to discover why it is very helpful to fight the stress, please read this article.

What is CBD oil?

CBD, also called cannabidiol, is an active ingredient of the cannabis plant that, unlike psychoactive THC, is entirely legal in the UK.

For the production, varieties are therefore bred with a high CBD content, while the THC value, as required by law, remains below 0.2%.

When cultivating, you eliminated the active ingredient that has the intoxicating effect and maximized the CBD, from which CBD oil is then extracted.

CBD oil is a noiseless remedy with many positive effects, which is extracted from the leaves and flowers. After the THC, CBD is the second most active ingredient in the cannabis plant. Leftcoast extracts have some more information about this if you need it.

Like all medicinal plants, cannabis scores with over 500 known active ingredients: 85 different cannabinoids, many essential oils (terpenes), amino acids, proteins, vitamins and fatty acids.

Cannabinoids are found in many plants, but mainly in the hemp plant. Some of the cannabis ingredients have long been the subject of numerous scientific studies because of their medicinal and therapeutic effects.

The extraction of JustBob CBD oil

The ingredients are most gently extracted from the plant by CO2 extraction because CO2 leaves no residues like other extraction agents.

In the plant, CBD is present in the acidic precursor CBDa, which is then converted into CBD during the extraction, which is the so-called decarboxylation. From the plant to the finished product, we always have control over all production steps and can thus guarantee the highest quality.

CBD oil and its uses

Positive effects have already been reported for the following diseases – often it is the distressing symptoms that CBD can alleviate and thus improve the quality of life again. For cancer patients, for example, it is famous as an anti-nausea remedy that comes from chemotherapy.

– Anxiety
– Asthma and allergies
– Acne
– Nausea and nausea
– Overweight
– Smoking cessation
– Rheumatism
– Insomnia
– Stress, nervousness, overload

Is CBD oil legal?

Firstly, CBD oil is entirely legal, and second, the usual drug screening tests only respond to THC. So if you have consumed a product whose quality and manufacture you can rely on, there is no risk of encountering difficulties with traffic control. The JustBob guarantees that the THC content is below 0.02%.

Does CBD oil have side effects?

CBD oil rarely leads to side effects, but some are known:

– Increased intraocular pressure
– Influence on the impact of drugs
– Dry mouth
– Increased tremor in some Parkinson’s patients
– Low blood pressure – drowsiness
– Drowsiness
– Trouble falling asleep
– Influence on enzymes in pregnancy

Stop smoking with CBD oil

Anyone who has tried it knows that quitting smoking can be nerve-wracking. A study showed that it helps smokers to stay calm and to survive the nicotine withdrawal phase.


CBD oil has complex health-promoting effects that can be safely used in the area of ​​relaxation and pain relief. Do something good for yourself with naturally pure organic JustBob CBD oil from the Italian cannabis farm in Italy.

Choosing the right CBD online

As a natural product, you need to be careful when you want to buy CBD oils and other CBD flowers online.

JustBob.shop is an excellent and reliable online CBD store and the leading European supplier for online CBD flowers.