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Plagiarism Detector Online | Check your Thesis in ten Mins!

Plagiarism Detector Online

Plagiarism does not always occur intentionally. Today you have to save yourself from accidental plagiarism, which is getting more common every turning day. Identifying plagiarism in your thesis has become much easier because of the online plagiarism checker tools and their accurate services. If you want to check plagiarism in less than ten minutes, then you should probably read this post till the very end.

There are hundreds of plagiarism checker tools available on the internet. Still, the majority of them are not capable of providing you free and accurate services. Considering this very reason, we have listed the details of the top best plagiarism checker tools in this article!

Plagiarism checker by SearchEngineReports

This is one of the best free plagiarism checkers to check plagiarism in your content. The plagiarism checker by searchenginereports.net is best because of its endless features and ability to produce accurate reports If you need free online plagiarism checker with percentage.Some top-notch features of this plagiarism checker tool are:

  • This scanner can be used free of cost by all sorts of users.
  • The program is based on the cloud to run it on any browser and any device.
  • The plagiarism checker can accept infinite inputs in a day without any restriction.
  • You can check 1500 words in one go with the tool.
  • The plagiarism checker can accept multiple file formats.
  • It works in dozens of different languages.
  • It has integrations with dropbox.

If you have been doing a Ph.D. or any degree for that matter, your thesis would be around 50,000 to 100,000 words, and this many number of words can only be checked with a tool that poses no limitations. You should try out check plagiarism by searchenginereports.net is the best free plagiarism checker before they put a price on it.


Duplichecker is another free website service to check plagiarism. It was the best free plagiarism checker to use in the past, but recently, the plagiarism checker has also introduced some paid packages. With the free version of plagiarism checker by Dupli, you can easily check up to 50,000 words. This word count is almost enough to identify large traces of plagiarism in a thesis paper. This proofreading tool can easily help students and professional writers identify all sorts of plagiarism in their work. The tool is quite famous for its detailed and accurate reports, and this is why we would recommend you try it out.

Plagiarism checker by SmallSEOTools

Just like the other two services discussed in this post, this one is also the best free plagiarism checker to use and is very much popular for its accuracy. This scanner tool is specially designed to cater to the needs of students for check plagiarism. There is no need for any signups and registrations to use this tool. You can use this plagiarism checker service on any of your devices and operating systems. You need a strong web connection, a browser, and the web’s basic knowledge to run this service. There are no limitations and restrictions with this tool, and you can check an unlimited amount of content with it. This tool can easily check plagiarism and identify plagiarism in your thesis within a few minutes.

You can also try out plagiarismsoftware.net, which is the premium product of SmallSEOTools.

Plagiarism Checker X

The plagiarism checker X is also a very reliable service that can help you check plagiarism papers in less than ten minutes. If you want to authenticate your thesis in the last minutes before submission, this is the right tool. You must know that this plagiarism checker comes with both free and paid versions, and it is up to you to go with the one which suits your pocket the most. You cannot only check the originality of your paper with this tool, but you can also use the results to rephrase the content, which is causing excessive plagiarism.


Grammarly can be used to create a professional thesis paper from scratch. This is a writing tool that can help you formally write content. It can detect all sorts of human errors in your content and provide you with the best solutions for them. The tool can find and fix all sorts of grammar, spellings, and even punctuation errors. The premium package of Grammarly can help you check plagiarism. With Grammarly’s help, you can authenticate all of your thesis paper in one go.


This is a leading plagiarism checker tool that can provide you accurate results along with privacy check for plagiarism. You must know that this plagiarism checker protects the input that you have uploaded in its interface. The tool would delete all the input data as soon as you are finished with the screening process. You can check plagiarism of 500 to 100K words, the tool can take up to five to ten minutes. The reports produced by this tool are very useful for you to rephrase the content and remove plagiarism.

You should try either of these plagiarism checking services to authenticate your thesis work.