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Top Christmas present buying tips for busy parents

Christmas present buying tips

Ad – this post has been written in collaboration with Wicked Uncle

I love Christmas but since having children the days of leisurely browsing shops buying gifts and then saving them until Christmas Eve to be wrapped are long gone! This will be the first year that both of my children will be at school during the run up to Christmas, so that definitely eases the pressure but it also means that I would like to be more relaxed during December, so that I can do some fun things with them. In essence, I need to be organised! Here are some of my tried and tested tips for gifting this Christmas, including checking out the amazing Wicked Uncle website which is an absolute favourite for sourcing the best children’s gifts online.

WhatsApp all the way!

♥ Start a WhatsApp group with your partner purely for gift ideas. This is something we did last year and it was such a help. If you happen to think of something that would make a possible gift idea just ping it across and you have it to refer back to when the time comes to make your purchases. This is great for recording down any little hints the children drop prior to writing letters to Father Christmas.

Never too early to start…

♥ Start a Christmas gift box in a secret location. I have a tough plastic box in the loft to squirrel away any gifts I come across during the year. Personally I like to feel like I am on top of the game and if I see something I know one of the children will like I buy it and pop it away. It helps to do a stock take at regular intervals to prevent overbuying in general or for one person in particular.

Christmas present buying tips

Think outside the box with Wicked Uncle

♥ Wicked Uncle is an absolute saviour when it comes to buying gifts. I don’t know about you, but if I’m buying a present for a child outside of the exact ages of my children I find it so hard to be imaginative. Wicked Uncle removes all of that worry. A quick scroll will help you find a gift that is unique, fun and age appropriate. You can search by popularity, age, gender or category. The categories include sensory, brainiac, adventurer, footballer, role play and more. This is not just for Christmas, Essentialbabylist is a website that can help you plan and order the best gift for a baby up to 14 years old throughout the year.

Pinterest baby!

♥ Pinterest can be a great place to help you plan a new Christmas theme, new traditions or what kind of table centrepiece you would like to create, but it’s also a great place to gather ideas for gifts. Since my first child was born 8 years ago I’ve been using Pinterest as a place to collate ideas for cakes, pressies and decorations for birthdays but it works well for Christmas too. Just set up a generic Christmas gift board or a board for each person.

The power of the gram

♥ Instagram is such a great place for small businesses to showcase their goods and for small businesses to support each other by sharing details of other inspiring businesses. This can be a great way of finding some unique gifts. You can save ideas to a folder to look back on as the present buying season approaches.

Christmas present buying tips

If it’s not on the list…

♥ Write a list – and check it frequently. Father Christmas might write a list and check it twice but that’s not going to cut it for us busy parents at this time of year. Whether you’re using traditional pen and paper or a spreadsheet it certainly helps to make a list of who you will buy for and record what you have bought. It’s useful if you can also keep a check on what you have spent as you go along too – this will help you to budget for next year. I also then use the list as a basis for the following year as some of the present ideas will still be relevant.

Remember the additional essentials

♥ When you write out your budget, don’t forget to include items such as rechargeable batteries, wrapping paper, sticky tape and a supply of mince pies to help the process along!

Do you have any helpful present buying tips? We would love to know in the comments below…