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Everything You Need To Know About Cleaning The Sofa

Cleaning The Sofa

Ever spilled something on your cozy couch? Cleaning them can be an utter nightmare. Tried covering your sofa with floral plastic sheets? Now that is not a pleasant idea. Fabric sofas can look so comfy and lavishing when you clean them. Let’s learn how to properly clean your sofa without ruining what you spent a fortune on.

Thoroughly read the manufacture’s instructions 

Remember to go through the instructions before you use any product on your sofa. Sometimes using the wrong products can cause a lot of damage. Your couch could get permanently stained, or the fabric could get rough. Your sofa should have a tag attached to it; if not, it should have a manual. Make sure to give that a read to know all the important facts. Also, know which tag you are reading, do not read the wrong tag.

Get your couch ready

Before starting any cleaning process, get your couch ready. That includes removing little pieces of dirt or even removing the sofa cushions before giving it a wash, vacuum crumbs, and other things, so you don’t get those things attached. Now focusing on major stains will become easier for you, and you can thoroughly clean them. Also, do not forget to put your cushions in the automatic washer for a good wash, so they can come out looking clean and new.

Never use any other materials 

Whenever cleanliness comes to our mind, we always think about water. Just give it a splash of water, and that is it. Do not make this mistake with your sofa in your home as well. Make sure that you stick to only those products mentioned in the manufacture’s instructions. The company who made the sofa knows best, what is useful for the material, and what can cause damage, so let them be the expert.

Steam Cleaning your Couch

Make sure your couch can handle the heat, then do any sort of experiment on it. Starting, always do try doing the spot test. If you get positive results, then proceed. Always prefer steam cleaning your couch on a pleasant day.

You do not want a dusty day to ruin your effort. Get knowledge about your steam cleaner, and get the details. After you are done with it, place a clean working fan over the sofa, so it can completely dry out. Staying wet for too long can cause the fabric to smell and wear out before putting the couch in its place and be completely sure that it has completely dried out.


Stains that haven’t been there for long, just pick a slightly wet cloth and wipe them. Remember not to rub them, just give them a gentle wipe. If it is a wet stain, try pressing on it with a towel, so the towel can suck up the liquid.

The problem is with the stains, which have been there for too long, for that you need a detergent. If your sofa’s material is water-resistant, you can use water; if not, opt for steam cleaning or shampooing as described by professional company.

Get rid of the stink

Going way too long without a clean cause your couch to stink. Use Febreze fabric, and get rid of all the stink. Be assured that no one likes stinky couches; if your sofa is giving out a stench, it is time to give that thing a clean. Make sure that you freshen your couch regularly to avoid it from giving out bad smells. Do not let it get wet, and if it does, make sure to dry it out quickly.

Now you have successfully learned how to cleanse your sofa. Once you are done with the cleaning, you can start snuggling on your comfy sofa. Make sure to regularly clean it to save yourself from a lot of hassle.

Giving it a clean once a month can give its fabric a longer and durable life. Also, use a spray sanitizer to get free of unwanted germs. Give your health priority, and cleanliness always leads to a healthy life. Keep all your surroundings clean, and make sure to wash everything regularly.