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Cosy bedroom tips for the best sleep yet

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What sort of things make a bedroom most cosy? Here are some tips on having the most relaxing room possible!

#1 Comfortable bed

This is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most important things for a good night’s sleep. It’s somewhat ironic that I’m writing this seeing as we are currently owners of a mattress with several broken springs (possibly due to the fact that the kids think our bed is a trampoline).

If you are thinking of getting a new mattress then shop around, they can be quite pricey. One way of making your purchase more cost effective one, particularly if you are doing a bedroom overhaul, is by buying a mattress that comes with a bed. For large bedrooms a four poster bed can really up the cosy stakes whereas for a room on the smaller side a small double divan bed with mattress and headboard can make the room feel cosy without swamping it.

#2 Mood lighting

Lighting is so essential in creating the peaceful ambience that we all crave at bedtime. Bedside lamps are an obvious feature but what about a large floor lamp, some fairy lights or candles? Creating different areas with lighting is also a useful technique to use to make the room feel more cosy.

Perhaps a floor lamp next to a favourite reading chair or a clip on light on a rocking chair for late night feeds? Switching on a bright light in the middle of the night can seriously mess with your body clock as light stimulates alertness and can lead to broken sleep, so keep the lights dim rather than bright and light.

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If you find yourself constantly scrabbling around for light switches then invest in some special sockets which allow you to turn on electrical appliances using a remote control, then you can control your mood lighting all from the comfort of your own bed!

#3 Other bedroom furniture

Of course when you think of bedroom furniture you think of beds, bedside tables and wardrobes. But what about other pieces of furniture that can aid pre-bed relaxation and therefore encourage sleep? If you have room then a comfortable chair can be invaluable in a bedroom, there is nothing more relaxing than having a bath and then settling down in a armchair, or if you have room – sofa, to read a favourite book or magazine.

And don’t neglect your floor either, if you don’t have room for an armchair then thick piled rugs and large soft blankets draped over the bed can create the same cosy effect. A clock is a bedroom must in my book, not only can you use it decoratively but it also avoids having to look at your phone to see what the time is – something which also stimulates the mind and is notoriously counterproductive to sleep. So although a comfy bed is a priority, with a bit of mood lighting and a touch of other furniture you should be sleeping soundly in no time at all!