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How Covid-19 has changed our relationships

How Covid-19 has changed our relationships

The last few months have been a whirlwind for all of us, thanks to Covid-19. Many of us have had to distance ourselves from our family and friends, while having to spend an intense amount of time with our immediate family.

People in relationships have had their own challenges too. Whether they had only recently met or whether they have been together longterm, Covid-19 has meant couples have had to adapt and change their communication, whatever their circumstances may be. With this in mind, I have written about  four types of relationships have how they have changed during Covid-19…


It feels ironic that I have managed to spend every single waking hour with my children but don’t know when I am next going to see my Mum, as she lives in Ireland. It goes from one extreme to the other and has given me a super opportunity to get to spend some quality time with my kids, while being intense at times too.

My husband has continued to go out to work throughout the pandemic so although it can be full-on at times, we do get a break from each other too (which in my opinion is good for any couple). However going to Ireland to see my Mum and brother is a no-go at the moment but we have adapted and I Face-timed with her every day during lockdown and continue to have lots of regular contact at the moment too. I actually feel like I have seen her more than usual!

How Covid-19 has changed our relationships


I feel like I have grown closer with my local friends too. We have been a great support for each other and our WhatsApp messages have been hopping over the last few months. I have got to know my neighbours more too and in general, I think people just seem more friendlier…

I liked the fact that my circle was much smaller during lockdown and look forward to keeping it that way. Sharing our experiences with homeschooling, being able to have a bit of a moan and sharing ideas has been so useful.


Couples who have only recently met and singles looking for love have had to completely change their usual ways of communicating. Online dating has unsurprisingly increased in popularity and couples have had the opportunity to get to know each other really well online before meeting in person. Possibly a better option than before?

They can do this with very little cost too, through a free dating site and being able to avoid the hefty bills that can really add up when going out for all those dates!


Sometimes you might feel like you see your colleagues more than your family? Well not anymore! With so many of us working from home, businesses have had to completely change the way they operate. Zoom calls have quadrupled, instant messaging has been a saviour and the commutes have been cut! Will things go back to ‘normal’ after this? I’m really not sure. And in many ways, I hope they won’t.

Have your relationships been affected by Covid-19? Please do share in the comments below…


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