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Custom Lighting Solutions That Will Make Your Home Look Awesome

Custom Lighting

The living room is one of the largest rooms in the house. Here, you gather as a family, entertain guests and generally chill out. For these reasons, it’s impervious to make it as cozy as possible. Furniture has a great effect on your living room’s décor. But did you know that light also plays a very crucial role in bringing out the décor of your house?  You might have exquisite furniture, beautiful plants, and eye-catching wallpaper, but the house will lose all this beauty if the lighting is not right?

The light should be enough to illuminate all four corners of the room. Custom lighting is a great solution to bring out the real beauty of your home. Do you want to find out more about some custom lighting solutions that will make your home look awesome! Great, read on!

Lights To Use In Your Living Room

1.   Use An Antique Chandelier

An antique chandelier will work well in lighting up your modern living room. Using a Ball Light wall bracket, for example, will definitely give your living room an ambient look. The professionals behind Ellumiglow concur that the purpose of lighting is to make your living room inviting, not cold and uninviting. An antique chandelier will turn your living room into a warm and inviting place for you to relax.

2.   Task Lighting

Task lighting is another ingenious solution you can implement for your lighting needs. Apart from illuminating your house, light is important in helping you perform tasks. A focused light helps you perform a certain task, thus the name. But you can use the task light to add ambiance into the living room. Just place it on a stool by itself and place some flowers underneath the light.

3.   Try Layering Several Lights For Maximum Effect.

To get that ambient result, you should pair your floor lamps with a nearby table lamp. Add in some other decorative objects. You’ve got yourself a cozy outlook. To get a truly satisfying look, go for three different types of lighting:

  • Ambient or overread lighting
  • Task lighting
  • And a table lamp

Go for organic fixtures such as malachite, quartz, and shells, among other natural materials.  To get real ambiance, spread some high-quality fur under the floor lap or in front of a glowing fireplace.

4.   Use Wall Lights

You can never go wrong with wall lights, provided you do it right. Wall lights add interest to the walls and add a unique look and feel at the same time in your living room.  Apart from the ambiance, the wall lights save valuable surface and floor space, especially in compact rooms.

The best wall lights should have a copper or brass finishing. This antique finish makes your home look both trendy and timeless. But don’t be rigid. You can have any finishing of your choice to show your personality and sense of style.

Lighting Solutions That Will Give Your Kitchen That Ambient Touch

Apart from the living room, the kitchen is the second busiest room in your house. For this reason, your kitchen lighting should be just right.

Remember, you spend a lot of time in your kitchen while:

  • Preparing delicious meals for your family
  • Luncheons
  • And other fun activities like preparing snacks etc.

1.   Use A Kitchen Chandelier.

A good old chandelier is a great option for your kitchen lighting needs. You should choose one that complements the general décor of your kitchen. If your general kitchen décor is white, you should go with a white chandelier. The look will be complete if the chandelier has customized crystal drops. The crystal drops will let the light dance around the kitchen.

2. Installing Linear Light In Your Kitchen Works Wonders.

Customizing linear light is quite easy. All you need is a fixture or a panel. Then align your bulbs on the panel or the fixture. You can use a dark-colored board and outfit it with mason jars. You can wrap a rope around to conceal the wires. The rope not only works as concealment but also adds a rustic effect on the kitchen light.

3.   Use Cabinet Lighting Is Another Great Option To Create Ambiance In Your Kitchen.

Under-cabinet lighting is a great option for providing more lighting in your kitchen. To get the best out of your under-cabinet lighting, use LED lights. LED lights are brighter and use less power than traditional lights. They also have a longer shelf.

The intensity of light you want will determine the under-cabinet lighting to use in your kitchen. If your kitchen already has a lot of light, you should go for single-density light. If you want more light in your kitchen, go for the dual-density lights. To add ambiance to your kitchen, use color-changing lights.

You can install the cabinet lights under, inside, or on the cabinet. But if you place the lights on the cabinet, place them so they will not interfere with your cooking or other kitchen functions.

4.   Choose Your Reading Room’s Light Wisely.

With the spread of  Covid- 19, many people are working from home. For this reason, you need to make your home office as comfortable as possible. One way of doing so is by having the right kind of light. If you use your home office as a reading space, you should use flexible and directional lighting. The light should be aimed away from you. Otherwise, the glare will affect your eyes. Dimmers are another great custom lighting solution you should use for your home office. Dimers come in handy when you need to relax during a break. The dim light creates an ambiance of rest and creates warmth.

Lighting is very important. It creates an ambiance in your home. You can use different lights to create different atmospheres to your liking. If you want a lively ambiance, you should go for the bright colors. If you want peace and tranquility, you should go for the cool colors. Light can either make your home to be warm and inviting or cold and uninviting. By following the above custom lighting tips, you will transform your home and make it look awesome.


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