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4 Advice For Anyone Who Wants To Decorate Their Apartment Old-School Style

Decorate Their Apartment

Choosing a style while decorating your new apartment or renovating your old home is the most important step in the process. To be able to choose the right furniture, colors, accessories, and decoration, you must first know what style you’re going with. Some people believe that the design should reflect your personality while others believe that you should go with what makes you comfortable and relaxed.

Nowadays, many people are choosing old-school designs even if it doesn’t match their personality. Mainly because it provides a royal and elegant vibe, and the colors are soothing. The old-school style, or the vintage design, has a unique feeling and gives the house a cozy vibe, unlike other designs. If you want the elegant-chilled vibe in your house, then you should definitely go with the old-school style.

1.   Colors

Selecting the colors for your home can be a bit tricky. At this point, you must have already chosen the style but what type of style are you looking for? Are you looking for the vintage-victorian era style? Or you’re looking for a retro vibe? Based on the type you’re looking for, you’ll be able to know what colors to select. However, the most common colors are the primary colors, such as beige, cream, gray, light pink, pale blue, sand, and lilac. You can go off these options as long as you still choose pale-light colors. These colors are considered to be bright, calm, soothing, and noble, and they are perfect for the old-school vibe.

You can choose green, mustard yellow, brown, black, or white if you want to create an old-school retro feel. You can also go with red, pink, mixes of oranges, and blue. However, these colors are ideal for furniture, rugs, curtains, or other accessories. When it comes to wall paint, you can choose pale colors with old-school patterns.

2.   Furniture

The old-school furniture has an aesthetic feel to it. The beds are huge and make you feel like royalty, the sofas usually have gold frames, and the wardrobes are tall with pointy frames, and all the furniture has matching colors. Interior designers at https://www.homesdirect365.co.uk recommend sticking to the same color palette when choosing the furniture. You can create a different old-school vibe for each room if you want. However, the furniture color and texture in a room should be matching. Many people stick to huge white furniture when choosing an old-school style, however, you can go with any pale color or brown. The most important factor is to choose high-quality furniture that’s made with natural materials only. Wood furniture mixed with gold, bronze, or brass frames is the ideal vintage design. Unfortunately, there aren’t many sellers who sell wooden furniture, but you can find it in some online retailers, flea markets, estate sales, garage and yard sales, and live auctions.

3.   Accessories and Lighting

One of the main factors that will transform your home to the old-school style you want is the accessories. To decorate your house, you should start collecting antiques. These are the pieces that will give your house a  vintage old-school vibe. However, before you buy all the antiques you find, you should know that not all of them will match your style. To have the old-school vibe while maintaining the elegant feel in your home, you must choose the pieces that are in good condition. Not only that but also choose the pieces that you will be able to take care of. Antiques require special care in order to maintain their condition, and they will not look good in your home if you’re not taking care of them.

If you’re buying online, check the seller’s reviews. Do they usually sell items in good conditions? What previous buyers are saying about their pieces? And read about their refund policy. You should also check the weight of the piece. Heavy pieces usually mean that it was made from natural high-quality materials. If you’re buying from a flea market or a yard sale, make sure you check the joints and the rust. The joints should be sturdy but if they are loose, make sure to know the reason behind it and whether you’ll easily be able to fix it or not. The same applies to rust. If the piece is too rusty, it might not be worth it.

The lighting is as important as the accessories. When you find the perfect piece, you will want to show it off, and you will only be able to do so through the lighting. Make sure that it’s the focal point of the room by placing lights above or underneath it. To complete the vintage vibe, add square shapes lamps and floor lamps. Chandeliers are also a great addition to complete the style.

4.   Textile

To transform the look of any room, you can install vintage curtains that are long and draped. Their colors depend mainly on the overall design of the room; if the walls are plain, then bright curtains will give you the old-school vibe that you’re looking for. Additionally, if the walls have patterned wallpaper, the curtains should be plain, and vice versa. Floral design in textiles is your best friend when you want your home to look vintage. Pillows with floral patterns on plain chairs, furniture with floral upholstery in a room with plain walls, and even decorative lace napkins with floral designs are perfect to change the atmosphere of the house completely. Finally, don’t forget to get classic carpets to complete the image.

You don’t need to buy antique furniture to give the old-school vibe, as with these few tips you will easily make your guests fall in love with the elegant style of your house. You can buy some antiques such as clocks and busts to intensify the style. The first thing you need to focus on are the colors, choose royal colors as they are elegant and give the old-school vibe you want for your house. With few tweaks in furniture, lighting, and textile, your guests will think they went back in time.