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8 interesting ideas for decorating your bathroom

ddecorating your bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house and yet it can often be forgotten in terms of decorating. There are so many options when it comes to decorating that it can be difficult to decide how to approach it. Here are some of our best ideas for decorating your bathroom.

Consider colour

White is the best colour to create a light and airy feel to your bathroom. Some paint companies now have paint designed to enhance the light. Pops of colour can be added with accessories such as the tiles, bath mat, towels and shower curtain.


Mosaic bathrooms are a popular choice. You could consider aqua blue mosaics to transport you immediately to the Mediterranean or hexagonal mosaics to give you a unique focal point in your bathroom.

Keep it clear

Having a cupboard for storage under the sink in your bathroom and a wall mounted mirrored storage unit will help to keep clutter to a minimum. Storage is particularly useful for families who have young children. It’s hard to have a calming atmosphere with all the children’s bath toys lined up around the bath.


Lighting has advanced greatly over the years. In a bathroom you need a combination of bright light so that you can see in the mirror for shaving or applying makeup and a more relaxing dimmed light for bathing. When you consider your lighting you need to take into account how much natural light there is and the positioning of your lights to avoid shadows falling on your face when you’re standing at the mirror. You might decide you would like some mood lighting or integrated lights on your mirror or cupboard units.

decorating your bathroom


Bold and bright wallpaper can enhance the feeling of space in a bathroom by drawing the eye away from the size of the room.


The bathroom is an environment that really suits humidity loving plants. Providing there is enough natural light in the room most plants will be happy. In particular orchids thrive in humid conditions and can add a sense of luxury and colour. Hanging eucalyptus branches in the shower will encourage them to release their fragrance and will give you a clear head as you breathe in.


If you have a shower over the bath consider a shower screen to give a streamlined look to your room. Although you might find if you have very young babies that a shower curtain gives you easier access to the bath and your child.

Fixtures and fittings

Buying good quality fixtures and fittings will give your bathroom an extra something. Whether you opt for brass, chrome or nickel you want something that will stand up to regular use.  Soft close toilet seats are something to consider especially if you have children. When it comes to choosing your shower there are so many options from the traditional exposed to the micro-processor digital showers which allow settings for individual people, and even tell you how long you’ve been in the shower for!