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A Guide to This Season’s Desirable Designer Items

Designer Items

As we make our way into a new year, we are confident that some people are looking for ways they can spend their Christmas money. With plenty of sales surrounding us, it can be hard to know where to go for high-quality, designer items. Whether you are looking to purchase a belated festive gift for yourself or want to treat an extraordinary key worker in your life, you have found yourself in the right place. Detailed below is a guide to some of the most desirable designer items on the market at present, perfect for yourself or a loved one. With items available at a range of prices, there is sure to be something here that catches your attention, no matter what your budget is. Put the kids to bed and grab a cuppa and read on for more inspiration!

Perfume and Cologne

While these are great gifts to purchase for a loved one, it requires a lot of attention, as you want to ensure that you are getting something that you like, but that the recipient likes. It can be tricky to get right but pays off when you do. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different scents on the market, with many appearing the same but made up of various components. While some people opt for the dupes of designer perfumes purely due to the price, if you can afford the designer brands and are looking to splurge some money on one, then you should take the plunge and go for it!

Perfume and cologne bottles are available in a variety of sizes and sets; great if you are looking for an on-the-go sized bottle, as well as one to sit on the dressing table at home! Designer perfumes and cologne don’t just have to be a gift that is bought for a birthday, Christmas, or other special occasions. Show the people you love and care about how much they mean to you all year round!


There are many people out there who enjoy giving and receiving designer jewellery, no matter the occasion. Jewellery – whether designer or not – can be worn all year and can complement an outfit entirely. Whether you opt for softer jewellery to blend in or bold, bright patterns and colours to stand out, the choices are endless. Like many other businesses and industries, as we enter the new year, jewellers hold large sales to offload some of their stock from the Christmas period that might not have sold.

Why not purchase that special someone a beautiful gift as we head into this new season, from the likes of Mococo and other such businesses? Providing customers with a large variety of jewellery to choose from, there is something here for everyone, from Thomas Sabo Jewellery to other high-quality brands. If you are searching for a piece to give a family member or friend and want to find out more about the sales and selection of jewellery from Thomas Sabo and others on offer, head to the website for more information and to browse to your heart’s content!

Designer Clothing

Now, this is something that many of us first thing of when picturing something high-quality and designer. There are many fashion designers on the market, each bringing out new and intriguing designs with each season that passes. While it can be hard to afford the latest designer trends without having a large bank account, that is not to say that you cannot access other designer brands that are on the market. There are more affordable designer brands available and the option to purchase designer clothes through thrift shops and second-hand sites such as Depop. Whether on the lookout for some Vivienne Westwood or Louis Vuitton, there are multiple options available to get your hands on the must-have designer items this Spring!

With the concept of thrifting and purchasing second-hand clothes becoming ever more popular and mainstream, you are sure to find some high-quality, good-condition designer clothes there, without needing to break the bank. What’s more, previous fashion trends are becoming ever more desirable because of social media, so you are sure to find something that will be the envious statement for those you pass on the street.


Designer handbags are a gift that keeps on giving and should be considered a worthy investment. While not many high-street retailers stock them, there are plenty of places online which allow you to browse and purchase the bag of your dreams with ease! Whether you are in search of a small side bag for dinners with friends and family or for a larger tote bag for those exciting days out that we are sure you will be taking post-lockdown; there is something on the market to suit your tastes, no matter the colour, shape or size.

With designer bags aplenty on social media influencers pages, you are sure to find inspiration for what you want to get there, or even on the streets of London and beyond. Match your bag to your outfit or personalise a message to be stitched on the inside for the loved one you would like to treat; the choice is entirely yours! Whether you purchase a new bag or thrift one, designer handbags are a great thing to treat yourself or a loved one to and will stand the test of time.

While it is always nice to purchase yourself and a loved one a gift to show them how much you care, you don’t need to put yourself out of pocket to show just how much they mean to you. Thrifting designer items is an excellent way of accessing branded, labelled items without breaking the bank and is worth remembering when searching for desirable items this season. Thrifting is increasing in popularity and is perfect when wanting to stick to your New Year’s resolution of saving money and allowing yourself to splurge some cash now and again! Check out the latest social media trends and build yourself a Pinterest inspiration board to find your style. Explore the trends and try different things out; the world is your oyster! And we can be confident that whatever gift you purchase for a loved one, they will love it.


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