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Thumbs up from my toddler for Diddi Dance

I had heard quite a bit about Diddi Dance – dance classes which are designed to help boys and girls enhance their co-ordination and rhythm – and was looking forward to going along to a class with my three year old recently.

After finding a parking space on a nearby road (I try to avoid paying for parking and enjoy the extra exercise) and pushing my gigantic double buggy with my two boys into central Tunbridge Wells, we arrived to a warm welcome from Molly just as the class was about to start.

Harry (my three year old) informed me that he ‘would be shy’ at the beginning and was fairly quiet initially. However he slowly started moving along to the music and by the time the pompoms came out of the bag, Harry was as excited as the other children there and had long forgotten that I and his baby brother were eagerly watching.

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Molly has a natural energy and a big friendly smile and kept the children’s attention throughout the session. It’s not often that I get to observe Harry in this scenario but I have to say I really enjoyed it too.

With classes running on Monday, Tuesday and Friday mornings in Tunbridge Wells, Diddi Dance is a welcome addition to the other pre-school classes on offer in this terrific town.

For anyone who is interested in seeing what Diddi Dance is like – it is possible to try before you buy and bookings can be made in half term blocks with a changing dance theme each half term. The current cost is £5.50 per 45 minute class when paying in advance. Check out the Diddi Dance website HERE for further info.