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6 ways to give your dining room a makeover

A beautifully designed dining room with plants and picture frame and table

We are just about to put our house on the market so have been making several changes and updates to the decor over the last few months. The dining room in particular needed some sprucing up and I am really happy with the results.

Just to set the scene, our dining area leads onto the kitchen and has a sofa in it too, so it is a bit like a second sitting room. We also have lots of toy storage in there too as we don’t have a separate playroom. We had the room painted last year when our new kitchen was installed. Our dining room is a bright family room and looks really well in the photos which were taken for the brochure – thanks to some of these changes we have made!

Cushions galore

Making a simple swap can make all the difference. We removed an old throw from our sofa and bought some thick luxury cushions for it – such a simple way of updating a room. They tie in with the colours from the kitchen (grey, pink and a touch of mustard) really nicely and complete the room.

Toy storage heaven

Love it or loathe it, Ikea’s Kallax storage unit has been amazing! We have the 4 x 4 unit and purchased 16 new grey boxes for it which match the colour of our grey feature wall. I feel like this has transformed the room and at just £3 per box, they are well worth the money.

All in the flooring

We switched from carpet to real wood flooring last year and what a difference it makes! The carpet definitely retained the smell of food more and as much as we tried to keep it clean, with three children, food was inevitably dropped on it no matter how hard we tried. We have a mini Dyson vacuum which one of us whizzes around the floor after most meals and it is so simple to keep clean. Getting new flooring in the dining room was one of the best decisions we made!

ways to give your dining room a makeover

Let there be light

I don’t know why we didn’t do this ages ago! We bought a lamp for the sideboard so we don’t always need to use the main light. This lamp completely softens the room and we like to keep it on in the evenings when coming in and out of the kitchen to the living room. Not only does it look good, it is really practical too!

Clear the clutter

I don’t think my house will ever be completely clutter free. Surely that’s impossible with three kids? However doing as much decluttering as possible really does help. I like to tackle things in small batches as I just don’t have big chunks of time. I started with clearing out one of the drawers in our dining room sideboard, followed by another one the next day.

I have to admit I still need to tackle a few of the boxes in our big storage unit but we are well on our way! The biggest different it has made is being able to have clear surfaces. Making space in the boxes for the things that are normally on top of the unit means everything just looks a bit more streamlined and spacious.