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Six Tips on Buying Dog-Friendly Furniture

Dog-Friendly Furniture

Owning a dog can be difficult if your pet likes to tear into furniture and make a mess around the house. This can be hard to deal with, so you could find different ways to make it easier for you to maintain your home with a dog. If this is the case, then you should follow these tips on buying dog-friendly furniture.

Invest In Their Own Space

Dogs enjoy having their own area where they can relax and have somewhere they can sleep and destress. If your dog has a specific space, he or she will prefer going to that area, so this can help you control where your dog may spend his or her time. On top of this, if your dog gets bored, he or she may ruin something in that space instead.

It’s also good to invest in good, durable dog bed so you won’t have to worry about damages. Make sure to check this link for the worry-free, cozy dog beds that you can find on the market today https://www.thepamperedpup.com/best-dog-bed-reviews/.

Match the Color of Your Dog

Still wondering whether to get a dog? They are such gorgeous creatures and great companions so, the answer from us would be ‘yes!

However keep in mind that your dog’s fur will get all over the different furniture in your home. If you don’t want the fur to stand out, you should buy furniture that’s the same color as your dog’s fur. This way, people won’t notice when there is dog fur on your furniture since it will match the color of your furniture.

For example, if your dog has white fur, then your black furniture will be obviously covered in fur when your dog sheds. On the other hand, your dog’s fur won’t stand out on white furniture, so your home won’t look as dirty if your dog starts to shed.

Choose Synthetic Materials

If you want to keep your furniture clean, you can purchase synthetic material or of course consider upholstery cleaning. Synthetic material is one of the best options for dogs because it can resist their scratches and bites. You can easily wash it and remove stains if your dog has an accident on your furniture.

In short, synthetic materials is one of the easiest materials to maintain and keep clean, so it’s a must if you have a dog. You should heavily consider purchasing this dog-friendly furniture for your home.

Choose Pet-Friendly Fabrics

You can look into the pet-friendly fabrics available if your dog likes to go on your furniture. This includes soft surfaces and anything that doesn’t easily stain or get ruined.

Remember that your dog doesn’t understand that you want to keep your furniture clean. This means that your dog could destroy your furniture without realizing it’s bad to do so. Make sure you review your fabric options to find something soft, beautiful and durable if you have a dog in your home.

Avoid Wood If Your Dog Chews

As an added point, you should avoid wood if you have an unstoppable dog who loves to chew things. Dogs will scratch at wood, which will leave marks and damage it with time, which no pet owner wants to deal with. After all, it’s a hard and easily chewable material that your dog could get at if you happen to pick wooden furniture.

If you own wooden furniture, you should keep it out of your dog’s reach. Otherwise, you should avoid purchasing wooden furniture in the first place. You can also purchase bitter spray to prevent your dog from chewing on the wood if you bought the furniture before getting your dog.

Choose Sofa With Removable Bed

Even if you buy some durable furniture, your dog could still tear at it when you leave your house. If your dog tends to destroy pillows or soft surfaces, you can get sofas with removable beds. Doing so will allow you to remove the beds when you need to leave your house so your dog can’t ruin them.

Dogs can easily damage different parts of your home, so it’s important for you to take the measures necessary to prevent those problems. Make sure you keep these tips in mind so you can make your furniture dog-friendly while also having beautiful places to sit in your home. After all, as a pet parent, you need to accommodate for your furry family member.