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A Dollywood Trip to Remember 


Let’s be honest with ourselves, do we think we need a break from life in general? Do things seem to be slipping out of your control lately, and you want to spend a day off? Well, wait no more, because Pigeon Forge, USA is the place you should look to visit.

A lot of the time, resorts or remote areas come to one’s mind as vacation spots. And we forget how thrilling going to a theme park can be. Out of the many theme parks located in the US, Dollywood seems to tick off most charts because of the quality of care given to its visitors. The rides are family-friendly, and those that are not such still are perfectly safe for use over the many years.

Where would your destination fall if this place is where one plans to go? 

Situated 35 miles southeast of Knoxville, Tennessee, facing a picturesque view of the Pigeon Forge, neighboring the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This excellent location brings further attraction to the park, and there is no doubt that the Smoky Mountains continue to be one of the most frequently visited places in the US.

Best time slots to take a trip there 

The ideal time to enjoy what the park offers is when a person is free from all stresses of school, college, and work. For example, a university-going student on a semester break or family member wants to break away from the usual routine and have a lovely day out.

One can go to the resort anytime between mid-march to January of the coming year. Timings are from 10 AM to 9:30, during which a person can take as many rides as they wish to. Many water rides and sports are available only in the summer, so going during summers will be the most delightful to anyone visiting during that time. Weekdays are better days to go because weekends have crazy rush hours, especially post afternoon. So for those who like the hustle and bustle should go for the latter option.

Entry into the Park

The theme park has a lot else to offer. A water park and Multi-park are just some places that exist within the vicinity.

Price ranges for the tickets are as follows. Some might say tickets are slightly pricey, but giving up a few dollars here can give you a lifetime experience you would not ever forget.

  • Adult tickets (from ages 10-61 years) for a 1-day theme park ticket priced at $79. An extra $10 is required for the water park.
  • Adult (age range 10-61 years) 1-day water park including the meal priced at $49.95.
  • If a person plans on staying overnight, the ticket for both days will only be $20 more than the previous option. Dollars saved this way.

Exceptions for discounts on tickets made for people above 62 years or adolescents between the ages of 4-9, retired or disabled military officers, the disabled, or people with special needs. Parking costs an extra $15 unless you have a gold season pass.

Age Group 

Luckily, all rides are user-friendly, except for patients with diagnosed conditions like heart or blood pressure issues, and they need to take necessary precautions.

Rides and Attractions 

The theme park offers a wide range of sound, high-end rides that quite literally take your breath away, considering the thrill, as well as the scenic view. A few rides needed to be on one’s bucket list given below.

  • Barnstormer – The Barnstormer consists of two swinging arms and seats for 32 people arranged in rows, one after the other. As it goes for most rides, the Barnstormer gets progressively more thrilling every time the arm swings higher. Reaches a maximum speed of 45 miles per hour and an immense maximum height of 81 feet!
  • Daredevil Falls – This ride consists of a boat drop-off from a waterfall 60 feet high. Perfect for those who like to explore deserted logging camps.
  • Dragonflier – The name is pretty self-explanatory and makes sense because the Dragonflier imitates the functioning of a dragonfly from the Smoky Mountain itself. It twists about and meanders through its path precisely like that of a dragonfly. The ride is unique and thrilling in this way, giving the person an experience like that of flying on the back of a dragonfly.
  • Fire Tower falls – A solid thriller as this ride is one of the tallest and fastest rides inside the park. Rises to a total of 280 feet and a 140 feet long water-filled tank located at the other end of it. Ideal for those who fancy the water and the worst choice for ones with water phobia.
  • Mountain scream -This ride comes with a choice to the individual of going for the spiraling corkscrew tubes or the deadly quadruple-drop slides. The influx of water and wind that hits your face as you sail through is what brings absolute satisfaction, joy, as well as thrill to those who take it. Keeps you on your toes, quite literally screaming with pleasure.

 Attractions Near Me

If the rides put you on edge too much or if you find yourself questioning, ‘What other attractions near me could this park have to offer? You need not worry. Dollywood has got your back because the place also offers numerous stunning resorts to visit with the family.

These resorts even consist of connecting rooms so you can share and make the most out of the time you currently have. Places like the Song & Hearth restaurant and DM pantry are go-to places for when you need to munch onto something during the trip.

The pampering does not end here. Spa sessions are specially designed for visitors with high-quality staff and equipment, with the spa specials set according to the weather. Stop by and get a wholesome experience; spoil yourself for once because you deserve it!

Other activities 

Exhausted after the rides and need a nice spot to relax? Think no more, because the park gives you the perfect cabin experience to enjoy with friends and family. Dinner shows for whoever wants the most relaxing time watching their preferred shows, munching onto their favorite bag of popcorns.

For those coming for short-term visits, not for more extended stays

Often, work schedules do not give people enough bracket to afford to take more than one full day off. For such individuals, weekdays might be the best option since waiting lines are shorter. Other facilities are provided, like VIP passes, for example, the Time Saver pass available for use to those who make it to the park earlier on in the day.

Final thoughts

This place truly gives you the most exhilarating experience you can only imagine having, so what are you waiting for? Log onto the website and book your tickets before they run out, and have a once in a whole moon-lifetime experience to remember. The place is an ideal option to relax with family or go out for a field trip with school or college friends. Come for a short visit in the park or book yourselves a cabin for a week next to the majestic mountains, either way; you will not regret it.