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Are you dreaming of a new career adventure?

Are you in need of a new career adventure? Or maybe you want to reconnect to something that really makes you tick? Then keep on reading….

Katie Redfern In the latest ‘My Tunbridge Wells Meets’ interview, Katie Refern, a local mum and Founder of Meaningful Recruitment took some time away from career advising and one to one consultations to answer some questions about what motivated her to start her own business, as well as how she can guide others in creating a career that works for them and more!

What inspired you to start Meaningful Recruitment?

I kept hearing the same comments from clients whose needs weren’t being met by work and they had a sense of overwhelm by the same things e.g. ‘being over performance managed’, ‘held to ridiculous unachievable targets’ and ‘feeling a number rather than a person’.

A lot of them didn’t want to do the job they started doing before having a career break or bringing up children and needing help needed help reconnecting to who they are ‘now’.  I could relate to these feelings as I had felt all of them too, but luckily with my background and desire from a young age to find meaning in what I do, I was able to move on.

Not everyone is so lucky and I started to feel that I needed to create a business to help people overcome these barriers in their work life.

While I was started to think about creating this business two big events happened in close succession that spurred me on.  Basically, two dear friends called Amanda and Holly sadly passed away in the same year in their 30s.  These events made me realise that life can be too short and it needs to be lived doing things we love and jobs we love.

Holly and I used to talk at work about the fact that on average over 92,000 hours of our lifetime is spent working (roughly 30% of our life) and with her passing and then Amanda’s, it hammered home to me that we need to be grateful for what we have and make sure we are doing something that we find fulfilling and makes us feel energised.

So, Meaningful Recruitment was born and my mission is to help people move to a work life with purpose and financial rewards in the right working environment that suits them and their personal needs.  I help people rediscover who they are now and align them with career options, coaching and support to help them navigate their way to a working environment where they’ll blossom and find meaning in what they do. You’ll see from the testimonials here from the clients I have worked with that barriers can be overcome and career happiness is possible.

Dreaming of a career adventure

♥  How long have you been working in this field of work and what services do you offer?

I’ve built up 20 years worth of experience in HR, Career Coaching and Recruitment and I’ve got qualifications in psychology and counselling, so I’m well equipped to provide career advice and specialist career packages.

I offer career guidance services and build confidence through one to one sessions e.g. for those returning to work to find a new role that is going to suit them.  I also provide career support with CV Management and Webinars, LinkedIn and interview practice to name a few areas.  Visit Meaningful Recruitment HERE for more information.  I love running recruitment campaigns for organisations and have literally just finished one with the National Youth Ballet which was very exciting.

Tell us which organisations you work with?

I work with a variety of companies, charities and organisations such as Unicef, Raleigh International, SUDC UK, Moving Worlds, National Youth Ballet, CoolStays, BeyondMe and Action Medical Care for Children and connect professionals looking to make a positive impact in the world today.  I met Fiona Bruce who is an ambassador for Action Medical Care for Children a few weeks ago – here we are…

Dreaming of a career adventure_Katie Redfern

♥  You’ve got a name for yourself for getting out in the community too, what have you been up to?

I spend a percentage of my working week out in the community so I’ve been out at places like my local (Tunbridge Wells based) food bank called Nourish, where I helped to pack up bags of food and toiletries for the families and people they are supporting. The managers and volunteers were so welcoming and are doing much needed work to support our local community.  Here’s a picture:

Dreaming of a career adventure_Katie Redfern 2

I have also travelled to Costa Rica where Raleigh International are doing great work and spent some time with the Sea Turtle Conservation team there which was very exciting. In this day and age, people are becoming more and more aware of climate change, the environment and so many different areas so I make it my business to connect with all of these inspiring organisations to do my bit and raise awareness and support these great people and causes.

Find out more by emailing Katie@meaningfulrecruitment.co.uk or visit the Meaningful Recruitment website HERE and Facebook Page HERE.