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How to Build an Eco-Friendly Home

Eco-Friendly Home

Building an eco-friendly home is not only great for the environment, it can also help a homeowner save money on utility bills. There are lots of ways to make a home eco-friendly, particularly if you are starting from scratch and building from the ground up. Helical piles, for example, are a better option than concrete when it comes to the foundations because they can be reused if the house is ever knocked down. They are also easier to install in the first place. When the soil conditions surrounding the property alter with different weather conditions, concrete foundations can shift and cause cracks and leaks above ground, which will be costly to repair.

Something else to consider is your doors and windows, as they can determine whether or not the temperature in the house is consistent. If you have single-glazed windows and draughty doors, for instance, it will be chilly in winter which will cause you to amp up the temperature on your central heating. You will also be more uncomfortable in the summer months because it will be super-hot in your home. Your windows should also be placed sensibly to make use of natural light, so that you don’t have to worry about installing extra light fixtures.

Insulation is also important when it comes to maintaining the temperature in your home. Decent insulation protects against the heat of summer and the cool air of winter, but it also reduces noise pollution. What’s more, if you choose wisely, your insulation should last for a long time without needing to be replaced.

When building from scratch, you are also in a unique position to plan for solar power use. Solar power is far better for the environment because it uses the sun as a natural energy source, as opposed to energy sources that can run out. We cannot run out of solar energy; it will be accessible as long as we have the sun. As a result, solar power can help to reduce electricity bills and has low maintenance costs.

Try and use recycled materials when building your home. For instance, there are carpets available that are made from recycled bottles. Even roof tiles can be made from recycled materials, which will be better for the environment and most likely less expensive.

Building an eco-friendly home is all about being savvy and having an in-depth plan in place before you start. If you do your research, you should end up with a home that you’re proud of, will be more comfortable and cheaper to run.