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Check out educational events in London for your 2021 plans

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The current global pandemic has altered many areas of life for just about everyone, regardless of who or where they are. In particular, students have experienced a great deal of the unprecedented shifts in day-to-day life. Graduations, exchanges, and even entire courses have been cancelled because of the pandemic. Many students have seen the face of their education change completely, and their expectations for college drastically shift.

Especially with all these rapid and unpredictable changes occurring, it’s become of increased importance to look for ways to maintain stability and focus in life. Focusing on maintaining personal control over the elements of life that are within grasp is an incredibly important part of staying secure throughout these unstable times.

For students in London, a city usually known for brimming with events and opportunities, the effects of the pandemic have had more impact than in a lot of other places. Whereas students in previous years may have found themselves overwhelmed with choice when it comes to the educational and academic events on offer in London, nowadays, opportunities may seem scarce.

That being said, London remains an exciting city, and many students are choosing to focus their attention on that fact. During the pandemic, it’s become a popular choice for teachers and students alike to place staying positive about 2021 at the heart of their study. It’s become common practice for teachers in universities to assign a paper along the lines of my plans for 2021 in order to keep their students focused on their plans for the future. After all, even during a pandemic, it’s important to seize any educational resources you can. Writing an essay is just one of many great examples of how to do that!

Students in the midst of writing such a goals essay or plan for themselves may find themselves surprised by the events and resources they can access – even in 2021. Even now, London is teeming with additional resources to help improve the quality of students’ education. Here’s a list of the most helpful events and resources students in London can write into their plan for 2021!

1. LSE Africa Summit

London School of Economics, one of the most renowned universities in the world, is hosting a two-day international summit from the 20th to the 21st of March 2021. The summit will draw together esteemed writers, scholars, and students worldwide to discuss how the current global crisis can act as a catalyst for change.

2. The Global Woman Summit

From the 5th to the 8th of March, the Global Woman Summit is taking place in London. These seminars draw together important figures from academia, public policy, and social leadership to discuss how to empower women in both scholarship and general society. These seminars are sure to provide both empowerment and academic inspiration for any student!

3. Oxford Research Conference

 On the 30th and 31st of March, London will play host to the Leadership Conference, a biennial research conference that discusses the topic of energy and seeks to address the drivers of change, both negative and positive. A wonderful example of how academia can draw together the major players in any sector, the Research Conference will have a mix of scholars, researchers, and industry players in order to shed light on the future of energy.

4. UCL Summer School

UCL, or University College London, is another of the world’s most renowned higher education institutes. During the summer months, the university opens its doors to students looking to expand their educational horizons. The UCL Summer School is a program that takes place over the summer holiday and offers students the opportunity to take helpful additional courses that broaden the limits of their current studies. The program can be followed for either three or six weeks in July and August of 2021.

5. London Metropolitan University International Summer School

The London Metropolitan University will also offer an illustrious study program over the summer holidays. This study program, which lasts four weeks, takes place in July and August 2021 and is open to students worldwide. Students who participate will have the opportunity to study modules outside of their field and add an impressive accomplishment to their resumes!

These were just five examples of exciting educational events and resources that are going to take place in London during 2021, but the reality is that there are many to choose from! Using these five as inspiration, students in London should explore what options are available to them and make the most of their 2021!


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