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3 Ways to Get Rid of Eye Floaters

Eye Floaters

If you are seeing strange little spots, webs, or tiny rings moving through your field of vision, then it means you might have a case of eye floaters. They mostly appear as gray or black spots in your vision, and if you try to focus on them, they will start disappearing. They would look like objects out of your eye, but they are actually inside your eye. If you are seeing eye floaters, we can understand that it can be annoying and distracting. But in most cases, they are not harmful and can go away on their own. However, sometimes they can be a sign of an eye condition, so it is advised that you see a doctor first to rule out that possibility. Below I have mentioned a few ways that will help you get rid of eye floaters. Let’s take a look:

Try Ignoring Them

When it comes to treating eye floaters, it mainly depends on the cause. Not every treatment works on all kinds of eye floaters. If you have only started seeing eye floaters recently, then there is a high probability that they are harmless and can be avoided by resting more. You do not have to jump into treatment straight away. In the beginning, you can try ignoring the spots, and eventually, you would get used to them. Once you learn how to live with them, you would not even realize, and they will start diminishing automatically. However, if you are not able to ignore them, and it is only becoming harder to live with them, then you must consult a doctor for your own good.

Eye Floaters


Another way of treating eye floaters is a surgical method known as Vitrectomy. This is an invasive surgery in which your condition can be treated by removing the floaters from your vision. In this surgery, the doctor will remove the vitreous from your eye by making a tiny incision. Vitreous is basically a gel-like substance that is responsible for the roundness shape of our eye. But you don’t have to worry about losing the round shape of your eye. Another gel-like substance will replace the vitreous, and before that substance disappears, your body would have automatically replaced the vitreous of your eye. This treatment is quite effective, but it still sometimes may not be enough.

Laser Treatment

If you are not a fan of surgeries and don’t want anyone to make an incision in your eye, you can simply go for laser therapy. This is a simple procedure in which the laser is aimed at the floaters to destroy them. However, this is a procedure that only experts can do right, and even the tiniest mistake can damage your eye. With FloaterLaser, you can get excellent laser therapy for your eye floaters with the minimum risk of eye damage. Remember, if you get this treatment from a doctor or clinic with no experience, you will not see good results, and your money will be wasted.