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Five top tips for going on a family ski holiday

5 tips for taking the kids on a family ski holiday

Are you planning to go on a family ski holiday? We have been working with the Hyatt Centric, located in the family friendly ski resort of La Rosière which has got me thinking about what it would be like to take the kids skiing. I have asked some of my blogger friends who have recently returned from skiing what their top tips are, which you can read more about below…

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Thank you to the lovely bloggers who have contributed to these tips. Hope you find them useful!

#1 Christy from Welsh Mum recognises the importance of packing sunscreen ahead of your ski holiday and ensuring you have the right type and factor for each family member.  Wind and snow can wear away sunscreen so re-apply it often, even if everyone thinks they’ve stayed dry.

#2 Ski holidays are a fantastic way of ensuring the kids spend lots of quality time outdoors but it can be quite tiring in particular for little ones. Rim from the Curious and Geeks recommends allowing for extra naps for younger children who may need more rest than usual.

#3 Layer up! Layering is by far the best way to help with temperature control. Make sure you pack clothes for the kids which they can easily remove / put on themselves (in case they are at ski school).

#4 Look out for deals on equipment hire! Emma from The Money Whisperer has recommended to look out for deals when it comes to equipment hire too as there can sometimes be options for free ski hire for the kids when the adults pre-book. Check out her post with more money saving tips for skiing HERE.

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#5 Remember it’s a holiday! You might be tempted to pack lots of things into your family ski holiday, but after a stint on the slopes, try to enjoy some down time together as family too.

While you are out on the slopes make sure to stay toasty by using fleece neck warmers by 4inbandana – the only piece of cloth that can keep you perfectly warm throughout your skiing expedition in below zero temperatures. Though snow sports are the real attraction, try including water sports on your holiday, too. Children and adults alike love swimming; it is fun and a great way to relax after being out in the snow for long.

At the Hyatt Centric La Rosiere there’s a heated indoor swimming pool and spa where guests can sit back and relax after a busy morning or afternoon.

Find out more about the Hyatt Centric La Rosière HERE.