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Family meal from Firezza Tunbridge Wells

Firezza Tunbridge Wells

We are going through a fussy-eating stage at the moment, and pizza seems to be one of the few but firm favourites for both my one and four year olds! So when I decided to give myself a break from cooking on Saturday night, we tried a takeaway (delivery) from Firezza on Mount Ephraim, Tunbridge Wells.

Firezza Tunbridge WellsAbout Firezza

Firezza  has 17 branches in London and Tunbridge Wells and was launched in 2001. Since it’s arrival in Tunbridge Wells, it is fast becoming known for  delivering outstanding pizza, prepared with top quality ingredients.

The food

After a quick glance at Firezza’s interactive online menu HERE, it was clear that their wood-fired pizzas have a distinctly unique and very appealing style. Firezza aims to provide a selection of food reminiscent to vibrant Neopolitan pizzerias.

Firezza Tunbridge WellsWe decided to get a Margarita pizza for the kids to share, with some breaded chicken as a side, while I went for the Gorgonzola pizza and chose the Carne pizza for my partner. We also opted for a Bufalina Salad salad to share, along with a bottle of the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo 2012 and a tub of the chocolate/vanilla ice cream to finish off!

Our delivery arrived right on time, and was the perfect temperature thanks to the heated delivery bags. The boys enjoyed their pizza and surprise surprise, wolfed down the ice-cream!

My pizza was delicious too – the gorgonzola with the red chillis went really well together. Dave’s pizza was the perfect blend of different meats and although he couldn’t finish it all in one sitting, he enjoyed it the next day too!

Firezza Tunbridge WellsThe buffalo mozzarella used in the salad was sublime and the wine went down very well too!

Top tip

The salad was a great surprise – fresh, colourful and went really well with a few slices of pizza. When we normally order pizza, we usually just stick to the stodge, but having a salad with it was a really nice way to keep it slightly lighter.

Would I order it again?

Definitely! The quality is high, the choice of toppings is very appealing and I felt like this was a much more authentic and healthy option  than some of the more well-known high street pizzerias.

Address:  42 Mount Ephraim, Tunbridge Wells, TN4 8AU
Contact number: 01892 521050
Website: http://tunbridgewells.firezza.com