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Casual fashion ideas for students

Our sense of personal style evolves slowly. The best place to start working on your long-term style development is at Uni. This is the period when you don’t need to wear the clothes chose by your parents and you can start to develop your own sense of style if you haven’t already. You  have total freedom to make any decisions.

University is a perfect place for your personal experimentation, and the campus is can provide great inspiration for ideas and for developing your own sense of style. A lot of young people being together there makes it a big melting pot of ideas, college styles, and trends that can transform the way you look at fashion and style.

It could really benefit you both now and in the future if you stand out from the crowd by being well dressed at every lecture and seminar, and each workshop. You don’t have to break the bank to buy big brands. You can be well dressed even when you are on a budget. All it takes is that you carefully choose the items that work for you the most.

A classic combo

A pair of classic jeans combined with trainers are a must-have casual outfit for every stylish university student. A casual striped tee works perfectly with skinny jeans. You can wear a relaxed blazer to provide extra warmth and some silver accessories or statement jewellery to add finishing touches.


Boyfriend jeans and brogues are a wardrobe staple. Wear them with a checked shirt to complete an easy college style outfit for autumn. This is a very comfortable and stylish look suitable for going into town to catch up with friends, attending seminars, or going for drinks after classes.

Sports Luxe

Hipsters/Sportswear will be around for a long time. You will find interesting ideas for yourself by looking at trending hipster looks. Make unique use of textures, interesting colour mixtures, and great patterns to create your own style so that you look different from other people.

Shades of grey

Styling in one colour when you can’t make a choice is a good idea and grey is the perfect colour for the monochrome look. It is not as gloomy as all-black and not as daring as all-white (a white skirt will stain easily from an accidental coffee spill). Contrast your simple grey jersey with a bright red bag and polish up with a tailored jacket. This can look really lovely.

The Urban Safari

Also known as the field jacket, the Urban Safari, a flexible outerwear item that lets you layer up moderately without overheating is perfect for our uncertain weather.

It is fashionable to wear field jackets on slim jeans and boots. To keep warm, you can combine them with a plaid shirt and a sweater.

Barbour is a popular brand for field jackets. If the price is beyond your budget then there are more affordable ones in many of the high street stores.