Feed the Brood Masterplan


Nutrition graduate, primary school teacher and mother of three, founder Alex Thurman started Feed the Brood to help other parents figure out how to feed their families in these hectic, confusing and extraordinary modern times. Families come back to Feed the Brood for family-friendly recipes, the latest fussy eating research and weaning tips to help them grow in confidence that they can, in fact, feed their family good food without compromising their sanity.


Grab a copy of Alex’s latest cook book and 8-week meal plan The MasterPlan.

Featuring stunning food photography, The MasterPlan rips up the rulebook and proves that you don’t have to be a slave to the cooker to get delicious healthy food on the table. The eBook contains 8-weeks of carefully planned recipes that all contain shortcuts and hacks to make batch cooking super speedy, so that you can eat a delicious homemade meal whilst also banking a family-sized portion into the freezer, with very little extra effort.  The best bit is that it also contains digital links to all the recipes and one-click links to online shopping baskets, so you can order your week’s food shopping in a matter of minutes.

The MasterPlan itself is super easy to follow. The links to online shopping sites and printable sheets make prep for the following week/fortnight so simple. It’s beautifully presented with clear pics of the food and some lovely family snaps. But it’s not your social media aspirational style that isn’t achievable! Alex has done what TEAM TOMM has done for cleaning, it’s simply brilliant.” Nicola, Mum to 3.5 yr old in Kent

Feed the Brood

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