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The Top Filming Locations in the UK

UK filming locations

The UK is famous for its castles, picturesque villages, and stately homes. In our opinion, Great Britain is the perfect location for filming and throughout the years, we have seen some of the most iconic films setting foot in the UK and showcasing it in all its glory.

From Harry Potter’s majestic castle to some of our Warner Brother favourites, let’s take a look at the top filming locations in Great Britain.

Alnwick Castle, Northumberland

One of the most popular filming locations in the UK. The first two Harry Potter films contained scenes filmed at Alnwick Castle in Northumberland. This includes the famous broomstick practice scene from the first film, The Philosopher’s Stone. The courtyard scenes and gates were also that of Alnwick Castle.

Painshill Park

More recently, the Netflix series Bridgerton sparked an interest in Regency. Countless locations were filmed in the UK including scenes in beautiful houses in Bath. However, the greatest location is the park in Cobham, Surrey, where scenes of walking and delightful picnics were filmed. Painshill Park is full of bridges, lakes, and follies, perfect for an 18th-century landscape.


Glasgow is one of Warner Brothers’ favourite filming cities. Batman and The Flash were filmed in Glasgow during recent months. Both these films are quite high up in the filming industries and as DC comics, having their own merchandise, video games, and slot games that can be found in 888 casino in UK. Some of the best filming locations in Glasgow include the Glasgow Cathedral and the Necropolis. Glasgow’s architecture makes the perfect Gotham City! In fact, these films have been so successful that Warner Bros wants to produce a whole feature film in Glasgow to be the ‘first of its kind’ for the city.

Lyme Park, Cheshire

Mr Darcy’s grand estate of Pemberley was filmed inside a house owned by the National Trust. The 1995 BBC version of Pride and Prejudice held Lyme Park in Cheshire very close to its heart. Lyme Park became the backdrop for Mr Darcy’s appearance from the lake and it quickly became one of the top breath-taking locations in Pride and Prejudice.

Castle Ward, Northern Ireland

A Northern Ireland favourite, famous as being the setting for Winterfell in Game of Thrones. Although this setting only saw murder and violence, it still remains one of the top filming locations that ever existed. If you are a Game of Thrones fan, there is also a Palladian house in the vicinity in which you can place a booking to spend a day living the Game of Thrones experience.

There’s nothing like going on an adventure to visit filming locations from all of your favourite films and/or TV shows. We have rounded up our favourite filming locations in the UK. We’re sure that you can tell us about more!


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