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The right flooring for families

Wood Flooring for Families

The look and feel of your home can be completely transformed with high quality materials. See below for flooring ideas like decorative concrete flooring Orange County or take a look at this skirting boards how to guide to get the standard you want to achieve too.

♥  Hardwood

Solid and engineered wood are two of the most popular flooring options available, and is quite easy to see why. Solid wood is as the name suggests, a solid plank of pure wood. Engineered however is created using numerous layers, with only the top layer being solid wood. Both are incredibly durable, and have reasonable levels of water resistance.

If you have pets wood flooring is probably not your best bet, as despite being durable, it can damage quite easily. Scratching and surface marks can happen, especially if your pets have long nails or your children drop toys! If surface marks aren’t of concern to you then hardwood flooring is ideal. You can of course always resand or refinish hardwood, which would leave your flooring looking brand new.

♥  Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tiles are one of the best alternatives to hardwood available, and it’s quite easy to see (from the image below) why. One of the most durable and water resistant materials available, it’s an excellent choice for family homes. Vinyl tiles are made up predominantly of polyvinyl-chloride, a reliable material, that makes it firm, but also elasticated structure preventing it from cracking.

Wood Flooring for Families

As I said above, it is incredibly water resistant, meaning any spillages can be cleaned up without leaving permanent damage behind. This means that it won’t discolour or warp in areas of high moisture.

♥  Laminate

Laminate is another alternative to hardwood flooring, and is one of the best cheap wood flooring options on the market. Made up of a high density fibreboard, it’s a durable material that’s incredibly reliable and has a good level of longevity. It’s ideal for homes with pets and children due to its durability, and is incredibly easy to install using the click-loc system, incredibly easy to do yourself.

We would advise that you avoid fitting laminate in areas of high moisture such as kitchens and bathrooms as it can be damaged by excess water. It comes in a wide range of shades and designs, meaning there truly is something for every family’s need.

These are the best three options available on the market in our personal opinion, and are ideal for families. It really does come down to personal choice!