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Want to learn more about Forest School training?

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Kent High Weald Partnership is offering Level 1, 2 and 3 Forest School Training for future Forest school leaders, starting this September. Find out more below about what’s involved and check out the testimonials from graduates who have already completed the training process…

Thinking of taking a new path in life or enhancing your childcare/teaching practice? The Kent High Weald Partnership is offering Level 1, 2 and 3 Forest School Training for prospective Forest School leaders in a nationally accredited, Forest School Association approved, qualification.

Our next Level 3 starts on Tuesday 18th September and the next Level 2 commences on Thursday 27th September.

With several trained Forest School leaders, we have been delivering sessions within the borough of Tunbridge Wells for 6 years, and outdoor activities for over 20 years. Sharing our local woodlands with eager children we have supervised hundreds of fire lighting experiences; thousands of bow and arrow creations and the cooking of countless marshmallows.

Forest School Training_Kent High Weald Partnership

Our practice allows the children to see their environment as a sensory playground and within this playground they learn confidence, resilience and ways and means of communicating effectively with others. Many of them surprise themselves and others with their own capabilities during Forest School sessions.

As long time champions of Forest School’s inspirational approach to learning and connecting to the natural world we have made it part of our mission to spread the word. We aim to raise awareness through the provision of experience days and to train prospective Forest School leaders by providing nationally accredited and industry approved qualifications.

Forest School is growing in popularity and all over the country Forest School training centres are appearing.  What makes us different is that instead of offering the training in a single intense block we run our course once a week on consecutive weeks with breaks for the school holidays.

We feel this approach not only makes our courses more accessible but also gives students a chance to reflect on their training and absorb more information.

Forest School Training_Kent High Weald Partnership

Our forest school training courses take place at the renowned Bedgebury Pinetum, allowing students a chance to escape into the Forest amongst the trees and birds to our dedicated Forest School site where a roaring fire and hot kettle awaits. The entire course is run outside regardless of the weather.

We keep the fire going all day and actively encourage our students to experiment with campfire cooking techniques.

There are three levels of Forest School learning. They are not progressive. If you have appropriate qualifications and sufficient experience you can go straight in at number 3!

Forest School Training_Kent High Weald Partnership

Level 1 – An Introduction to Forest School Principles: This two day course is great for anybody wishing to gain an understanding of the process and is especially suited to parents or head teachers. We cover the theory and history of Forest School, along with learning valuable practical skills including basic tool use and fire making.

Level 2 – Award in Forest School Programme Support: This course runs over five days and qualifies students to assist a level 3 practitioner. During the course we look deeper into the theories underpinning Forest School and participate in a number of activities designed to show students the powerful impact of this learning approach. Tool use is more advanced, allowing students to make useable objects. We delve deeper into fire making and siting and culminate the week with a campfire cook off.

Level 3 – Certificate in Forest School Leadership: This 9 day course gives you all the skills you need to set up and run your own Forest School Programmes. We take an in depth look into educational theory, risk management, ecological impact, play theory and the practical application of the principals of Forest School. You will learn a number of useful knots and develop tool skills to enable you to make a number of objects from woodland materials. You will not only learn these skills but more importantly you will learn how to facilitate learning in others.

Click HERE for a more detailed look at the course info sheets:

All qualifications entail an element of home study and completion of a portfolio. The Level 2 portfolio is quite extensive and the Level 3 portfolio is a significant body of work. We actively support all students during this home study time and are happy to offer advice and assistance on all aspects of the training.

We are able to run forest school training courses specifically for organisations and schools and can tailor them to fit in with working hours and term times and we can even come to you if that makes things easier. We also run taster days periodically for anybody wishing to experience a day in the woods, discovering the basics of Forest School.

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Find out more about what Level 3 Graduates thought of the course:

‘Thank you so much for pushing me out of my comfort zone! It has been an amazing experience. Happy memories.’  Rhian

‘Thanks you for all your help and guidance. It has been an amazing experience.’ Sam

‘Thanks for a brilliant time. You’re a natural enthusiastic teacher who made learning interesting and a joy.’ Mandy

‘It has been a fantastic experience. I’ve learnt so much! Thanks you for all your guidance and words of encouragement.’ Becca

‘Thanks you for inspiring me to be the Forest School teacher I became. I have really grown in confidence.’ Michelle

‘Thank you for your expert guidance. It’s been a great experience and its given me confidence to deliver exciting sessions.’ Leanne (Goose)

‘Great fun and very informative.’ Andy

Our next Level 3 starts on 18th September and the next Level 2 commences on 27th September. Please email forestschool@khwp.org.uk or call 01580 212972 for more details. Visit The Kent High Weald Partnership HERE.