Home Home 25 fun things to do in the garden with kids! 

25 fun things to do in the garden with kids! 

25 fun things to do in the garden with kids! 

Have you been enjoying this surprisingly sunny weather? If you are looking for ideas to keep your children occupied at home, then here are 25 fun things to do in the garden with kids, recommended by My Tunbridge Wells readers and some of our blogging friends.

Writing about places to go is really my forte but thankfully these Mums and Dads have come up with some suggestions while we all stay at home during the Covid-19 crisis. We have several more blog posts in the pipeline with lots of inspiration for home activities so watch this space too or sign up to the mailing list to be the first to know about them. Take care and I hope you enjoy the fresh air!

♥  Set yourself up outdoors to make Easter decorations – create your own bunting, sour dough decorations, easter egg decorations or Easter baskets. There are lots of ideas on Pinterest and free printables. This is something I have been doing with the kids and I am the least creative person ever!

♥ Issy from A Suffolk Mum has lots of amazing ideas for ice eggs and freezing toys.  This is such a simple and cheap thing to do but I know my kids will love it and will definitely be trying it this weekend. Also check out Claire’s post from Red Kite Days all about dinosaur ice excavation!

♥ Enjoy an outdoor (or indoor) scavenger hunt in the lead up to Easter Sunday. Then on Easter Sunday itself, an Easter egg hunt is a must-do! Or why not try a Photo Scavenger Hunt recommended by Kate from Dark Tea blog.

♥  Katie from Mum of 2.5 spent an afternoon with her kids making their own obstacle course in the garden using garden furniture and whatever they could find in the shed. They had a great time racing round with a stopwatch trying to beat each others time! 

Chantelle from Two Hearts One Roof has this messy play Dino Wash set up for her toddler! Or why not  messy play set up.  Or another option recommended by a reader could be to give your child a bowl of water and some empty calpol medicine syringes. Let them “shower” their plastic animal toys! I know mine would like this…

♥ Codie from Codiekinz tells us how to make a DIY Music Wall – what a fantastic addition to a family garden. My daughter would love it!

♥  Make an outdoor puppet theatre out of a cardboard box. Get the children to paint it, make tickets and posters and let the show begin. Lots of ideas for simple puppet theatres here.

♥ Chantelle from The English Family has some terrific tips for creating under the sea activities which are perfect for the garden and most suited to toddlers / reception class kids.

♥  Every year I plan to plant sunflowers with the kids and this Spring is our year! I have purchased these Grow Me Be Happy sunflower kits which are £3.99 each and plan to plant them tomorrow. Hopefully the kids will be excited to watch them grow…

♥  Camping trip cancelled? Why not do it in the garden instead? Set up the tent, roast some marshmallows and if the kids don’t settle, they can easily go to their own beds! Note –  haven’t tried this as we don’t even have a tent but friends have done it with good success!

♥ Caryl from Crazy Tots and Me suggests filling a plastic storage box with water and letting your toddler play with toy boats. Drop a bit of blue food colouring in too and they might just think it’s  a lake!

♥  Make squishy soap via the joy journal on Instagram. Actually look at her other posts too as there are lots of fab ideas. Thank you to the person who recommended her.

♥ Have a picnic in your garden! Get the kids to make the picnic with you – they can’t go too wrong with sandwiches?? Lay it all out and even invite their favourite teddys? Rebecca from Northamptonshire Mums and Kids recommended talking about what Springtime means on your picnic too – adding in a bit of education!

♥  Go on a bug hunt in the garden – write down all the bugs you spotted, draw the bugs and write fact files on them, or get crafty with it too!

♥ Get the kids to hunt for their favourite toys in the garden. Whether this their favourite cuddly toys, cars, transformers, dolls or anything really!

More fun things to do in the garden with kids…

fun things to do in the garden with kids

♥ Jude from Gluing Cheese suggests taking the toys outside! Anything which can be done indoors can be done outdoors. We like taking out our box of happlyand toys, stickle bricks, duplo / lego, cars and carmat and setting them up in the garden. 

♥ Make a foil river! Helen from Live Laugh Go tells us how to do it here.

♥ Get creative with outdoor chalk. This can be so versatile and incorporates a bit of learning too. Write encouraging messages for the NHS and key workers or your neighbours and share them on your social media. The Growing Mum is a big fan of this. This chalk is fab!

♥ Our garden isn’t big enough for a trampoline, but if you have one, check out these 6 easy games to play on a trampoline from Issy too.

♥ Beth from Twinderelmo has some tips for painting the fence with water which is bound to keep little ones entertained!

♥ Hop Scotch – simple but effective! All you need is some chalk and ideally a patio area. Typical Mummy recommends playing hop scotch in her blog post with her top outdoor activities for kids. She rightly points out that it’s a great way for Mum or Dad to get some exercise too!

♥ Claire from Red Kite Days also suggests making sponge water bombs!

♥  Pretend you are on holiday! You can’t go wrong with setting up an outdoor paddling pool if it’s warm enough. Bring the beach to your garden – get out the beach towels, make some cocktails, invest in a hammock online and pretend that you are at your favourite resort! Yvette from Uplifting and Inspiring Content suggests filling the pool with warm water and brining out the bath toys!

♥ Have you been been doing PE with Joe Wicks or maybe Andy’s Wild Workouts are more your thing? Take your exercise class outside and workout in the garden!

♥ Jenny from Peak District Kids suggests setting up a teddy zip wire from a bedroom window into the garden. Use a coat hanger on the string (although she only had dental floss to hand) and watch the teddies wizz down. She also decorated baskets for teddies to go in and attached them to the hangers. Great idea!

♥  Slime making! Here’s a simple tutorial.

♥  Jenny from The Gingerbread House has a fab step-by-step guide to building your own Fairy House in your garden. Or for something a bit more ‘rough and tumble’ check out her guide on how to make a DIY nerf target! Over on Mum’s FamilyFun blog, there are some fab ideas for using ideas for using nerfs to make maths fun!

♥  Layla from Motherhood Diaries suggests getting some old veg like potatoes and carrots and teaching your kids how to repot them so they grow new veg. It’s so satisfying to see when they start sprouting again! And you’ve saved a trip to the shops! Love this idea…

♥ Looking for more inspiration? Ella from Typical Mummy has seven more ideas for activities you can do in the garden with the kids!

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If you are looking for baking inspiration, check out Jess’s review of BakedIn Baking Club over on Tantrums to Smiles! Rowena’s Teach and Travel has some fantastic outdoor learning ideas too.

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