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Should You Get a Rescue Dog For a Pet?

Get a Rescue Dog

If you are wondering whether or not to bring a rescue dog home as a pet, read this article to get the answers.

There are many experiences that can alter your life for the better, such as having kids or making new friends. Adopting a dog for the first time will also make a better addition to your life. The bond between the dog owner and the dog can be one of the most significant relationships of your life. Now when it comes to finding your new best friend, you need to keep a few things in mind. Some considerations will make your search relatively easier.

Most families will have separate criteria for choosing the type of dog to bring home. Some people will want a cute little lap dog while others might be interested in getting a bigger dog to guard their family and homes. Training requirements are also big factors when considering what type of dog to get as some people don’t have as much time to spend training a dog. But the thing about adopting a rescue dog is that you get a few unexpected benefits. Some of the reasons to get a rescue dog are listed below.

You are Giving Them a Home

The rescue dog will really appreciate the fact that you are providing it with a home. A rescue dog knows what it is to be homeless and alone, which is why it will love its new family even more. It will appreciate and treasure the love that you can give it. So you should always remember just how much each effort you make to maintain the dog is going to mean to the furry little thing.

You Have a Lot of Choices

Many people forgo the option of adopting a dog as they have a specific type of dog in mind. This is due to the fact that many people think that you can only find mutts in the shelters. However, the truth is that you can even find quite a few purebred dogs, as many irresponsible owners may have purchased a dog before they were prepared for the experience, and it ultimately ended up in the shelter. This is why, if you visit a few shelters, such as a Goldendoodle rescue, if you are into those cute furry creatures, you might end up finding the breed you are looking for. You also get to avoid paying a lot to the breeder in the process.

They Can Guard You Well

An adopted rescue dog will be very territorial of its new home as it knows its value. You may find this to be a nuisance when guests come over, but it actually is a good thing as it adds to the protection for your family and property. Rescue dogs can be ferociously protective and can scare away anyone it deems a threat to their new family.

They Might Have Received Training Already

If you are not so keen on potty training your puppy, going for a shelter dog can be your solution as many of them are already house trained. First-time pet owners will find this to be beneficial, especially if they can’t remain home throughout the day to train their dogs. If your puppy is untrained, it can’t be left alone for too long and needs to be taken out frequently. This is why you may benefit from adopting a fully or partially trained dog as you won’t need to spend too much time after training it.

The Puppy Stage Can Be Skipped

Many people are put off on getting puppies due to the destruction they can cause. You may need to deal with carpets getting wrecked or pillows being torn if you bring home a puppy. They might need to be taken to pee at ungodly hours and may even throw up all over your kitchen. Choosing to adopt an older dog will allow you to forgo these horror stories. On the flip side, if you adopt a puppy, you get to train it from a young age, giving you control over its temperament and behavior. The choice ultimately is yours as to how old of a dog you want to get.

Genetic Health Problems Will Be Less Likely

Many breeders don’t follow standard breeding procedures, resulting in the dogs suffering from multiple health issues. Also, purebred dogs tend to have more genetic issues due to being bred for specific reasons over time. The chances of illness are increased if you get the dog from a puppy mill. They face the chance of increased health complications due to the lack of veterinary care and poor conditions. Most shelters, on the other hand, provide proper and adequate veterinary care to adopted dogs in their facility. This lessens the chances of health issues after you bring them home.

They May Have Already Learned a Few Tricks

If your dog had a previous owner, chances are he already taught the dog a few tricks. Especially the basic tricks such as how to lie down, sit, and stay. Wouldn’t you love it if you saw that the dog you adopted already knows how to fetch?

You Get To Witness Their Healing and Growth

Many dogs who arrive at the shelter are scarred both figuratively and literally. Many of these dogs carry emotional wounds due to having problematic experiences in the past. But you can heal these scars gradually over time by giving them your sincere love, care, and affection. You will have a deep sense of fulfillment and satisfaction when you see that your efforts and care are actively contributing toward giving a potentially abused dog another chance.

You’re a Lifesaver

Arguably the biggest benefit of bringing home a rescue dog is that you have potentially saved the animal’s life. There are shelters out there that end the lives of dogs that don’t get adopted quickly enough. Even if your shelter does not do that, the animal might get shuttled off to another shelter that does. Also, if you take an animal home, a place opens up at the shelter for another animal to be rescued.

They Will Be Fiercely Loyal

If you bring a rescue dog home, you will surely share a special bond with it as they know how to appreciate an owner. You and your new pet will be inseparable once it gets to know you well and starts trusting you. You can count on a rescue dog to be immensely loyal no matter what the circumstances.

You Can Learn to Be Selfless from Them

A rescue animal will probably need a lot more of your time than a rescue dog. Your new rescue dog may have been scarred by a troublesome incident in its past. So there might be times when you need to put the needs of your dogs before yours. This will teach you to be selfless and transform you into being a more kind person.

You Might Need To Spend Less

Although the price point for most dog breeders will vary, some purebreds will cost you quite a bit. But the cost will be quite low when you go with a shelter dog. The price for the adoption is comparatively low, and you get some added perks as well, such as vaccinations, a microchip, neutering, spaying, or even training.

Get to Know More About the Dog

When you choose a dog from a shelter, the chances of getting more information about it increase as shelters try to collect as much information about the dog’s personality and temperament as possible. They do this while the dog is waiting to be adopted so that the new pet owner can have the most positive experience possible. If you have kids at home, it will be useful for you to know beforehand if the dog likes children. You can also be informed if it is potty trained, how loud it might be, and if it has any medical history.

You Are Lessening the Load of the Shelter

Most shelters are non-profit organizations having volunteers that are mostly overtasked. Even if hiring more volunteers is possible, they still run short on other amenities including food, outdoor space, and cages. This is often the reason a shelter can’t take in as many animals as it would like to. If you are adopting a dog from the shelter, you are enabling them to take in and care for one more dog.

You Get to Be More Active

Almost all dogs need to be walked often. Usually, a pet owner needs to take their dog for a walk at least three times a day. This exercise you and your dog get from walking outdoors will more likely leave you feeling happier and healthier. Most rescue dogs have not had the opportunity to have someone take them out on regular walks. This will make you more driven to walk them regularly.

Final Words

It’s always a rewarding experience to bring in and care for an animal that desperately needs it. Adopting a rescue dog will not just allow you to have a new best friend, it also will give you the opportunity to provide a safe, loving, and secure home for a dog that really needs the love and care. So go ahead and choose your new buddy from a shelter near you.