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Our schools need great teachers

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This is a collaborative post with Teach Kent & Sussex.

Applications for both primary and secondary school initial teacher training with Teach Kent & Sussex continue to be open! Richard Tyson, Director for this Tunbridge Wells based organisation talks us through the opportunity to make a complete career change from as early as this September.  

great teachersNow that we have had two periods of home schooling many parents will have found themselves in the unexpected position of being a teacher and home schooling their children whilst also trying to complete their own work from home. Judging by some of the comments and videos shared by parents on social media this has brought some moments of despair and a collective sigh of relief when all children could return to school on March 8th. Yet, I suspect amongst some there will have been some genuine interest in what teachers were doing as they taught their online lessons and set work for children to complete.

As we welcomed children back into schools there was a discernible excitement from both teaching colleagues and the students that they were back to ‘face to face’ teaching. They were back to the routine that every day presents itself with new opportunities and new learning. Teachers were back teaching in a ‘real’ classroom a body of important powerful knowledge. They were back, as well, to helping build up again the confidence and character of every child. As former First Lady Michelle Obama once noted, “I learned a lot at school—how to do my multiplication tables and write an essay… but also how to push myself, dust myself off after failure, and trust my own voice.” All that can happen much more easily in school classrooms where children are part of a learning community.

That is why our schools need to recruit and train great teachers. Just like you may have experienced through home schooling there is a joy and excitement when a child understands something for the first time.

‘Great teachers are able to open doors of opportunity’

Teachers across the country know that working with young people always brings challenges but the moments of joy make all the hard work worth it. Great teachers are able to open doors of opportunity to young people that can transform their lives. Their knowledge and understanding of their subject and how young people learn inspires young people and feeds their aspirations.

Children discover interests and gain knowledge that they scarcely knew they were capable of. Teachers help unleash that exciting potential in our children.

You hopefully will have experienced some of those positive aspects of teaching over the last few weeks. Why not become part of the story of improving the opportunities our young people have by training to teach?

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What all teacher trainees have in common…

Whether you have just recently graduated or whether you have had an established career in another field, it is never too late to train to teach. As a provider of teacher training based in Tunbridge Wells we have trainees in their twenties to fifties, training to teach in primary and secondary schools. Most complete the course in a year but a few take the two year part time course finding that makes the training easier to manage. Whilst they have different backgrounds and had different career paths, what they all have in common is a commitment to helping ensure that the children in our schools get the chance to succeed. They know that our children get just one chance at school. They, like us, want to ensure that those children get the best chance by having the best teachers.

As a school centre for initial teacher training, recognised as an ‘outstanding’ provider by Ofsted in 2019, we work with primary and secondary schools across West Kent and East Sussex. You could be joining those schools full or part time to train to teach from this coming September or you could apply from October for a September 2022 start. There are generous bursaries of up to £24,000 paid tax free to support you in your training year for some secondary subjects. More details of these can be found here.

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Want to know more?

If a career in teaching is something that might interest you do get in in touch with us or come along to one of our ‘virtual’ information events. Our next ones are on Monday 19th April and Wednesday 26th May at 7pm. You can sign up for these by emailing contact@teachkentandsussex.org.uk

We would love to hear from you.

Richard Tyson
Director for Teach Kent & Sussex SCITT (school centre for initial teacher training)