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7 Tips on How to Make Great Travel Photos with Children

Great Travel Photos

Every trip brings a great number of experiences and, correspondingly, photos. However, when we travel with our children, we tend to take more photos, due to the desire to capture as many exciting moments as possible. At the same time, kids aren’t always easy to photograph. They play, go with the flow, their focus jumps from one thing to another and they rarely care about posing for pictures. Here you’ll find 7 tips that will help you to find those golden keys of how to get the best travel photos of your little travellers. 

Play Games

Great Travel Photos

Children just adore playing games. They are able to see almost everything as a quest so you can suggest to them something that will help you take the photos you wish. It can be something as simple as a game of tag where they need just to have fun so you can photograph them being happy and carefree. Otherwise, you can suggest the game that somehow involves landmarks e.g. who makes the best fifth face for Mount Rushmore. 

Make Your Child a Photographer

Great Travel Photos

One of the best ways to have your little discoverer  involved in the photographing process is to let him/her be in charge of it. Then, you can just tell them to switch places and become a model. They would be much more interested to be photographed after they tried it themselves as photographers. 

Tickle Your Children

If you need your children to laugh, smile and show their joy for a photo, tickles are an infallible option. Turn yourself into a tickle monster for a while or get one of your children to tickle another if you are happy to have more than one. Both methods work and result not only in brilliant authentic photos but in great fun for both you and your kids.

Let Your Kids Explore

Great Travel Photos

Children are keen on discovering something new. They like new places and they are sure to be happy to get your permission to look around. Also, it creates a perfect setting for great photos where your kid has a surprised and interested face. You can even role play a story where you are the main characters of the adventure cartoon or movie and you are exploring the city. In this case, make your child the protagonist and become a trusty assistant who shorthands her or his every step by taking photos. Thus, the photos will have a story behind them and your child will learn more about a place.   

Offer a Reward

Great Travel Photos

If your child refuses to cooperate and literally runs away from your camera, you can offer a reward for participating in your travel photographs. It doesn’t have to be something like chocolate for a few photos, though it may be. You can make a deal with them and suggest visiting Disneyworld for 10 photos or allow them to choose the next hotel for 7 beautiful pictures.

Employ Reverse Psychology

Great Travel Photos

If you want your kids to do something just tell them not to do it. Forbid them to sit in front of a coliseum, for example, and watch the magic of science in action. This trick should help you take photos of children in front of landmarks. Above that, this trick can bring you a series of joyful photos where your naughty kid broke into the photo.

Take a Break and Wait 

Great Travel Photos

If your kids want nothing to do with your ideas for a photo and none of the tips work, just relax and wait for a perfect moment to catch. Photos made under pressure never come out nice. Meanwhile, the wise wait can bring you a perfect shot of real emotions. Be sure that there will be a place your little model will admire and you can softly encourage him\her to take a photo to remember it. 

Bonus Tip

That would be the tip that will help you to perfect your photos. The original pictures aren’t always ideal especially if it is dynamic photos of your kids. There is a chance that due to your child’s mobility the photo can lose its clarity or some unwanted objects or people can accidentally get in the shot. However, there is no need to delete such photos because, fortunately, you can find a great number of modern software that will help you rehabilitate almost any picture. We wouldn’t recommend using Photoshop or Lightroom because they demand special knowledge and experience. Therefore, you need to choose a handy program that has an intuitive interface and great features. If so, you can try PhotoWorks. PhotoWorks is an easy-to-use photo editor for computers using which you can make all the necessary adjustments in no time. The toolset of the program allows you to retouch images, erase any unwanted objects, sharpen your photo, make the colors of the photo vivid, and many more. 

Now you know how to take marvelous, authentic photos of your child when you are traveling. It will definitely help you to catch much more moments of joy and even create them. Also, you have a tool that will assist you in adjusting the photos of your kids to perfection. From now on, making your kid’s travel photos will bring nothing but pleasure.