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Grilling When it’s Cold Outside

Grilling When it's Cold Outside

Nothing says you have to suspend grilling your favourite foods during the winter. You can still satisfy your steak or burger cravings by grilling outdoors or inside.

Grilling Outside

For outdoor grilling, pick a spot where you’re shielded from the wind and where you’re not in an enclosed space. If you have to be in the wind, position your grill perpendicular to it. Also, give your grill more warm-up time. Have extra fuel on hand because your grill will need more than usual. Plus make sure you choose some great recipes for grilling.

Bundle Up

Wear enough layers for grilling outside, but avoid anything that could come in contact with your grill, such as a scarf. Protect your head and hands, and consider using heat-resistant gloves.

Keep Your Grill Closed

Resist lifting the grill’s lid more than you have to. Allowing hot air to escape results in uneven cooking, and it could increase your grilling time.

Indoor Grilling

Not all winter grilling has to be outside. If you still want that delicious grill taste, consider indoor grilling.

Perks of Grilling Indoors

You can have juicy burgers, searing steaks and tasty vegetables throughout the year with an indoor grill. Also, all your accessories are within reach, which means you don’t have to make trips to and from your outdoor grill to the house.

Types of Indoor Grills

Open grills lay flat while contact grills have top and bottom components that close together like a panini press. Open grills tend to have longer cooking times, but they pose a lower safety risk. While contact grills don’t exactly make you feel like you’re grilling, they require less cooking time and are more versatile.

Grill Accessories

Successful outdoor or indoor grilling requires the best grill accessories to make your food taste the best. Regardless of which accessories you buy to accompany your grill, make sure they’re easy to clean and that they don’t take up a lot of space in storage.

Food Thermometer

Instant-read thermometers can be efficient tools, and some are compact and inexpensive. Probe thermometers can even be left in the food throughout cooking. An all-in-one, leave-in probe thermometer with an alarm allows you to track food temperature and lets you know when it’s done. Other thermometers can sync with a smartphone app.

Oil Sprayer

Although it might be hard to clean, an oil sprayer can coat food evenly while it’s grilling. The nozzles on some pump sprayers might clog, so don’t automatically go for the one that’s the least expensive.

Grill Plate

Consider purchasing a grill plate if your indoor grill doesn’t already have one. Plates with raised grills bring more heat to your food while releasing its juices, making your chicken, steak or burgers more flavourful. Some versatile plates have a grill side and a griddle side.

Winter grilling can be fun, whether it’s done outdoors or indoors. Using the right grill and having the right grill accessories can increase cooking efficiency and safety, resulting in some tasty meals.